Cool initialization of LD - 3 of 3 attempts successfull

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Re: Cool initialization of LD - 3 of 3 attempts successfull

Postby Dynamo » 05 Sep 2014 23:54

KungFuPanther wrote:3 out of 3 my ass...

I went to sleep last night at; wait, sorry, I LIED DOWN at 8:00 pm last night and tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't. I was awake for at least an hour before I finally fell asleep. So then I woke up around midnight to one-ish, and I felt like it was going to work. I washed my face and prioritized the dream, got out my dream journal that I haven't used since last year, and after about 30 minutes I went back to bed. After that, guess what, I COULDN"T SLEEP. I stayed awake for hours TRYING TO FALL ASLEEP. Not only did it take me until the sun started coming up to fall asleep, but I DO NOT REMEMBER ONE FRIGGIN DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT. So, I guess this is a failure.

I'm getting really frustrated. I've been working at lucid dreaming for over a year, and not one good solid success, not even a handful of half successes. I went to Rebecca Turner's Fast Track to Lucid Dreaming and that helped worth a pile of something you wouldn't want to step in. What about you guys? How long did it take you to have your first LD? HOW LONG have you been working at it? Is that amount of time really worth it? Can you lucid dream on a regular basis? How often? Please, go on, tell me how you're so much better at this than I am.

Not to demotivate you but I had one after 2 days of being into lucid dreaming. But I was doing research about it for almost 4hours/day those 2 days. The tought of LD was so in my mind that I even had a dream about LD without even being lucid. But it has to do with what time you go to sleep (I think). Can't tell you more about it,since I'm only a beginner.

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