Easiest lucid dream technique

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Easiest lucid dream technique

Postby Marix » 06 Nov 2017 22:33

Hello everyone! :)
I've read several books about lucid dreaming techniques and meditation techniques that help you induce a lucid dream, but all of them involve a lot of time and concentration. Which technique works best for you and which one would you say is the easiest to learn in a short period of time? I had my first lucid dream using WILD, but that was 3 years ago and I kind of gave up on it until now. Can you give me and advice?
Thank you all in advance! :)

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Re: Easiest lucid dream technique

Postby 24/7/365 » 13 Nov 2017 06:07

I lay there asleep and wait. I call this the L.A.Z.Y. method.

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