Rainbow Induced Lucid Dream

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Rainbow Induced Lucid Dream

Postby Spadjian » 09 Dec 2017 18:43

BestBuy sells a “smart lightbulb” called iLumi. This lightbulb can be programmed to shine almost any colored light at almost any brightness. You can schedule lighting for the whole day. By intervals as small as one minute.
I Sleep from 11:00pm to 7:00am. I have a series of lights come on during the time when I believe my REM sleep is occuring.

I have my iLumi lightbulb directly above my bed. I have the light turn on for one minute intervals.

As you may have already guessed, I’m simply mimicking the same concept as the Dream masks which shine lights on your eyelids to promote dream awareness. However this technique will not require a mask.

My personalized light schedule used for lucid dreaming induction is as follows
5:50am-5:51am Red (40% brightness)
5:51am-5:52am Off
5:52am-5:53am Orange (40% brightness)
5:53am-5:54am Off
5:54am-5:55am Yellow (40% brightness)
5:55am-5:56am Off
5:56am-5:57am Green (40% brightness)
5:57am-5:58am Off
5:58am-5:59am Blue (40% brightness)
5:59am-6:00am Off
6:00am-6:01am Violet (40% brightness)
6:01am onwards Off


More to come in a future edit

What does everybody else think about this method? Has anyone else done anything similar and achieved any level of success?

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