What kind of experience was this?

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What kind of experience was this?

Postby satopnek » 09 Aug 2012 17:02

I had an experience and was wondering if this would be considered a WILD.

I had taken galantamine (8mg) and choline during WBTB. In the past I had good success with galantamine and choline where I would just become aware in a dream that I was dreaming. For a short time this night I worked on attempting WILD but my mind was racing and I could not focus. I decided to just try to go to sleep.

I turned on my right side and was laying there and without any notice of a lapse of consciousness. Almost immediately I felt a heavy weight on me as if a small person laid down on my side. Along with this I felt the blanket pulled off of my shoulder. Had I not been trying to lucid dream this would have scared the heck out of me, but since I wanted to dream I considered that this must be a dream. I reached up and did a reality check (pinched my nose and breathed) and found I was dreaming, let the games begin :D .

I never had HI or anything, it just seemed like a seamless transition from being awake to a dream. The lucid dream started with me in my own bed realizing that I was dreaming. Was this a WILD?

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