Am I in the right direction with WILD?

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Am I in the right direction with WILD?

Postby joegibson12 » 25 Aug 2012 14:41

So yesterday I tried WILD for the first time. I put on some ambient music, lay on my back and started to relax. It took about 40 minutes to actually feel like something was happening, I felt pretty heavy, couldn't move and kept going. But the thing that startled me was a sudden noise I heard in my room and it instantly startled me, I had shivers down my spine and shot back into full awareness saying "I'm awake" and gave up. So is the noises a good sign and should I just try and ignore them? Also how do you get into that actual dream state while doing WILD? Does it just come naturally once you reach a certain point? I'm thinking of trying it again soon but unsure. Thanks! :D

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Re: Am I in the right direction with WILD?

Postby Sneedon » 28 Aug 2012 07:44

I did not really understand it either until I read a few articles but yea in my opinion your doing fine, the noises are completely normal do not pay any attention to them just keep yourself relaxed.

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