WILD problem?Cant attain WILD after 50 minutes of staying st

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WILD problem?Cant attain WILD after 50 minutes of staying st

Postby Johnny66666 » 09 Dec 2012 07:43

Okay so this is the deal.

I woke up after 6 hours of sleep and i remember the dream i just had a little so REM sleep
is right there.I stayed for 20 min to awake fully and i did and i layed flat on my back,hands
at my side and completely still.Leg ancles and crossed and not touching,so as hands.

So i stayed still and i belive i had a few roll over signals like scratching or something
like that,but at some point i just swallow.

Let me clarify,i dont have the need to swallow at all,no saliva in my throat its like i have a
automatic machine in my throat that just swallows when it wants to.I just swallow for no reason.

Ive never had wilds,and after a while out of nowhere in 2 secounds like vibrations started shooking
me,starting from my butt,spreading to spine and arms.ANd my eyes started twitching like maniacs,
and it stopped.Is this beggining of SP?I didnt swallow right now but perhaps twitching eyes
stopped the SP process.

And i didnt stop there.I layed still for some more and i was close again,and BAM,again the
throat machines swallows 2 times in a row.I just dont get it.I dont have the need to swallow.No
need whats so ever,and my jaw is relaxed.

I used tips from this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hljU1TQxmKk and he says that
you need to relax your jaw to get in SP so i did,but to angle your head and put pullow at your
jaw to keep it closed to stop swallowing need.And it works,i dont have the need to swallow,but
at some point,BAM just out of nowhere.And i got bored after when i swallowed 2 times in a row
and i got up and 50 minutes i was laying there.Completely still,didnt move a hair.

Is this swallowing problem?How to stop swallowing like crazy(i swallowed like 3-4 times) and how
to stop eyes twitching.

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