Meditation in a lucid dream

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Tanner Mies
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Re: Meditation in a lucid dream

Postby Tanner Mies » 28 Sep 2014 06:20

I've been meditating in my dreams since 2011 I found that it really doesn't do that much however it does help with clarity and duration of the dream.
I've always used the lotus position as an alternative to flying if I found it hard or impossible to fly in the dream. It is weird that you can't touch the ground while doing so it's very stable.
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Xälos Prömythos
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Re: Meditation in a lucid dream

Postby Xälos Prömythos » 30 Mar 2015 02:32

Highlander wrote:No need to close your eyes. You reminded me that i forgot to mention this. I never close my eyes. If i close them, the dream fades away. I keep my "dream eyes" open. That's why i see marvelous things.

Cool, I was wondering because whenever I close my eyes - especially during "drawbacks" when we are spinning to stay in the dream - I lose control over the dream.
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Re: Meditation in a lucid dream

Postby NoOne » 08 Jun 2016 05:14
I am reading this at the moment. It explains and integrates shamatha meditation, lucid dreaming and dream yoga.

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Re: Meditation in a lucid dream

Postby Summerlander » 17 Jul 2016 19:49

Two years ago, I meditated in a lucid dream. Here is the result:

'I caught myself flying in a dream and became lucid. The environment was an awesome maze in all directions. I landed in front of a huge mirror and saw that my reflection was overweight. This made me pay attention to my sense of self in the lucid dream and suddenly I turned into two spinning columns of water at war with each other. I wasn't just the water, I was, it seemed, the product of water in interaction.

'Then, I began to meditate. I attempted to get rid of all concepts in my mind. The duple body of water felt threatened and merged into one. Now I was a single tornado, spinning slower, and a sense of peace began to pervade me. I was happy to gradually lose my identity, happy to embrace nothingness, happy to become nothing. To just let go...

'The water spun slower and slower until I no longer paid attention to it. Cognitively, I was no longer water (or the interaction of it). I was happily getting lost, and then it hit me. It was brief but unmistakable. There was nothing but pure awareness. No thoughts, no coherent memory. Then, back to normal: I was someone again and the memory of that near-nothingness enabled me to blissfully appreciate it. I had been in a state of mind where one has literally nothing to worry about.

'Then I woke up with a buzz.'
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