Vibrations after waking up- haven't found similar

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Vibrations after waking up- haven't found similar

Postby dbrown1 » 28 Mar 2017 02:44

Hi all,

I've been experiencing vibrations in my head/ears lately, but not at the typical timing that i've read from other users. Rather than this being while i'm falling asleep, it happens when i've woken up completely, and when i may fall back asleep. let me put it this way, it's a saturday morning, and the sound of my neighbors kids outside has woken me up. it's early, and i want to go back to sleep, so i turn over and get comfy. the vibration comes when i'll be able to fall back asleep. if i don't feel it, i know i'm up for the day. if i do feel it, it's almost like a lullaby and i fall right back asleep.

to give some context, i experienced severe sleep paralysis as a youth, and have since overcome it. i used to feel similar vibrations when i would be able to fall into sleep paralysis, but they would be more of a full body vibration (and i would know i was about to have SP), whereas this is a nice, calming head vibration followed by comforting sleep.

any thoughts ? i've been searching the web but haven't found anything quite like this. thanks in advance.

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Re: Vibrations after waking up- haven't found similar

Postby DreamerMan99 » 28 Mar 2017 21:01

Sounds hypnagogic in nature. I get the same thing, a light body vibration or spinning sensation when falling asleep or if Im woken up gently.
Always reminds me of how the gravitron ride feels.
Good luck,
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