Dreaming about same girl, TWICE

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rami elhaibe
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Dreaming about same girl, TWICE

Postby rami elhaibe » 17 Sep 2013 01:04

Hi, so this week I kept having dreams about this girl in my 7th period class. But I don't even really like her but I might have a crush on her. If you get what I'm saying :D. So my first dream was I was in this weird party house with that girl and I'm just sitting and drinking stuff and she just comes up and tries to kiss me! So I just run away and my dad is just smiling at me and I'm yelling at him to help me! Then I woke up and my second dream was really weird I was in some kind of fancy restaurant and I'm just reading something.(I don't know what it is.) and she is next to me and I don't mind it ( I don't know why.) so then another person comes in and yells at me you love her you love her! And I'm just sitting there reading and ignoring both of them like a douchbag? So yeah can you tell me why I'm having dreams like this? If so HELP ME I hate these dreams

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Re: Dreaming about same girl, TWICE

Postby tea » 17 Sep 2013 08:43

where is the problem in having such dreams? or better: why do you fight against liking her?
to me, it sounds as if you like her, but don't want to. why is that?

so i guess you are having those kind of dreams because, in the end, you can't fool yourself. if you don't listen to your feelings in real life, you will be confronted by them in your dream world.

but remember: this is just my interpretation and it even is a pretty obvious one - in the end you can only know for yourself what's going on.
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