Two short wtbt wild + an old lucid

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Two short wtbt wild + an old lucid

Postby Yanshuf » 02 May 2015 13:14

In the first one , I'm in a classroom , somewhere in germany.
I don't know any of the classmates here , I look around .
It's raining.
I slam a desk on the teacher with telekinesis, it was funny.
I wake up .
I go back into dream , now I'm at home, there are two clocks One of em is showing that its 3 am the other is that its 8 am , I go out to the kitchen door , and try to enter into an uknown city through here.
But guess what , I did not .
Instead , when I opened the door , to my suprise, there was the eternal void, so black that it was darker than my eyelids, In this area I was unable to see even the hypnagogic particles what used to be in my vision, I holded the door hard for I did not want to fall in this void.
I started to hear demonic voices babbling
and I started to see 3 ghostly figures or movements, it was like white silk, I was barely seeing them.
They were going somewhere
And then I panicked and got angry and said "You can sniff my shtick"(in a more propane way)
and woke up

Another lucid
Some months ago I had an ld
it was night and i was in the middle of a wasteland or something , there was a parking lot
I sat down here and started to meditate, But then suddenly as I started My body flew up in the air at incredible speed, my adneraline dropped up , I flew in the same meditating posture till I woke up.
My heart was pounding . it was intense

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