Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert dream

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Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert dream

Postby Nickfan40 » 07 May 2015 16:25

I had this one about a week or so ago.

I am kneeling "doggie style" on my bathroom floor on a shaggy-looking pink rug, naked.

I feel soft hands touching me, but do not know who it is at first. I think, "Who is that?" and then I "see" him without turning around: it is Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert from the movie, M. He is fully clothed, hat and all.

It is one of those dreams where it fades before anything can happen. Bummer! I really wanted to know what it felt like to do it "doggie style", but not anal. I was kind of relieved that he wanted me and not some little kid.

I am listening to my alpha/theta wave cd again. Maybe that's what cause the dream.

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