Charles's lucid dreams

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 10 Oct 2017 00:23

Hi everyone !

I think I will start putting all my lucid dreams in this thread so people can read my experiences and so here is mine from the previous night October 8th. I'm not going to post everything from my dream journals but just select parts. I was told I have to give it away to keep it so when I have lucid dreams experiences I will try to share them with other people so that I can become a conduit of lucid dreaming inspiration

By the time I have this dream I have already been progressively realizing I'm dreaming as the night has gone on. I start to become lucid by paying special attention and trying to memorize some written words I see in my dream. Then I can feel my real physical body and I am trying to tell myself to stay in the dream.
I am sleeping laying on my front. Suddenly I realized I am dreaming and I feel my body. I start moving my arms thinking I am moving my real arms but they are actually my dream arms on my dream body and I am in the house I used to live in.
I'm eating chicken thighs!
The chicken drumsticks and other place are in a green bowl. It is tipped over on the ground, but I pick it up and eatit anyway. I realize it could be months old and I stop eating it. It is in broth. It still tastes good though and I don't normally eat like this in real life so it's a huge fulfillment of Desire to eat whatever I want.
Mom's Milano's are on the table! I am eating some! They're very soft. I want to save some for her, because they're only seem to be a few left. At this point I already know I am lucid dreaming so I accept that they are softer than they are in real reality. They are still very enjoyable and no consequences in a lucid dream!
I am worried about running out of time. I affirm that I have infinite time. It is an empowering feeling because until now in the dream I have been rushing around trying to squeeze as much lucid dream activity as possible and worrying that before I know it I will be awake again.
am going to the market to eat anything I want

I punch and smash the window. Eventually the screen breaks. Isumersalt out and go back in through the front door. I was already pretty sure I was lucid dreaming but I just did this as a reinforcement reality check that I was indeed dreaming.

As I am getting ready to leave the house the ceiling above the living room couch is dripping with water. I move some Electronics out of the way but I don't worry about it too much because I know I'm dreaming.

This was a cool part. I find my phone and there is an app on the screen called Justified timetude. It is another good reality check that affirms I am dreaming because I know of no such a app. It looks like a battery charging icon but in a trapezoid

I think the I woke up because of the anxiety of getting ready to leave to go to the market. I took for granted in the Stream that I was in a house that I grew up in but I don't currently live in and that my parents were both together there. I guess to my mind that is pretty believable as reality even though now I know that is not reality. So I think that if I want to stay stable in a lucid dream for longer I should try to do simpler things and not plan any trips just yet. Even going to the market was giving me a lot of anxiety and I think that if I had decided to just stay home and maybe try to find a piece of dream paper to write on or something or go through the cabinets or talk to my parents then I might have been able to stay lucid longer.

Well if you read that far thanks for reading. I tried to include as much as possible so that it could be as helpful as possible to anyone reading. It helps me a lot to read other people's lucid dream experiences and for me the more detail and the more they explain their process the better because I can learn how to apply those things to my own dreams the next time I get the chance


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Re: Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 11 Oct 2017 00:34

last night idream journaled 3 times and got some details down but I didn't have any lucid dreams. Today I was able to put a lot of time into listening to other people's lucid dream stories on YouTube and reading them on here and also reading and listening to other things people have said about lucid dreaming.

Today I had a lot of fun doing reality checks. I like to pretend the I'm going to try to fly and then jump in the air and I just did all sorts of really creative reality checks I have a lot of fun doing it. I found reality checks to get more fun during the day once I've experienced a lucid dream we're the same reality check actually has a different outcome.

I of course hope and someone expect to have a night full of rich and Vivid lucid dreams because of how much I focused on it today. But if I don't have any lucid dreams at all then I have to be able to be okay with that since sometimes whether or not I actually have a lucid dream is beyond my control so far. I can do all my practices dream journaling reality checks and study. But I still don't think I control the outcome

I say that to say that I will not let my high expectations discourage me when they are not met. Regardless of whether or not I have a lucid dream tonight or even in the next week I will continue to do my practices and appreciate every little result.

One thing I am not the best with is meditation and I think if I ever do become proficient at meditation it will definitely help lucid dreams a lot. Right now though I think the biggest change is that I'm starting to become really interested in reality checks during the day. Up until recently I did not take reality check seriously and although I kept the dream journal for a long time it just did not occur to me during the day to do reality checks. Recently though like within the last week or two I started having a lot of fun with reality checks during the day and so for my understanding that builds the habit of testing whether I'm awake or dreaming so that I'll start doing that in my dreams too.

I hope that I get enough results to keep me motivated even when I am having a dry spell. All it really takes is a little bit of success with lucid dreaming to keep me motivated. I wonder if I will ever become a consistent nightly Lucid Dreamer.

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Re: Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 12 Oct 2017 00:40

Hi all, I really followed my dreams today by making dream art for the first time. Well, I have done dream art before, just never this intently. I made image slideshows of what I saw in my dreams, and narrated them. Thisreally helped bring my dreams to life and I am hoping it boosts my dream recall or even causes adream to recur.
Last night I had no lucidity, but I did recall some dream details. Usually when I have lucid dreamed, its beencloser to morning, but I wouldn't mind a surprise!
I watched art of youtube videos today, especially tiphrot, How to and some others,
One suggested I select a totem, like in Inception, so I tried that. I was too indecisive today to choose oneobject that will be my Totem for the rest of time, but I thought of using a Pokémon card or my blue-blocking Lenses.
I also determined that my blue blocking lenses can be a good dream sign and have begun to incorporate them intoa Reality check in everyday life.
I made 3 awesome videos today from scenes in my dreams, and I am so proud of them. I was soinspired by all of the people who have shared their own dream stories. It's funny, after reading and hearing aboutother people's dream experiences so much, I can understand the flow of a dream much better.
I think that for me, the main difference between Lucid and Non-Lucid dreams is that in lucid Dreams, I am active and present. But in non-Lucid dreams, I am just passively experiencing whatever it is like a video game,

I have been keeping dream journals since 2012. I always wondered what they'd be for. My first Lucid dream I remember and wrotewas of two fluorescent whales, one neon green, one pink or purple. It was such an amazing experience, to swimwith them, I want to go find that journal and maybe even make a mini-movie of that dream
Another time, I flew above this aquifer
I write a lot, and I love to remember my dreams because it gives me so much to write about. I wantto have lucid dreams because that will give me so much to write about
Like Joe Satrianisays, I think the world's in a pretty crazy space. At least mine is il! So I think theJoy of Lucid Dreaming is much needed. It can be so rewarding, fulfilling and exhilarating to have even the slightest luciddream, I feel so happy for days after.
Of course, I also have aspects of that disease of more. Sometimes, I feel as thought hours of straight lucid dreaming willnever be enough I never want to wake up. I want to try to learn to be happy with what I do get, and toreally cherish All of my dreams, lucid or not
And even my waking experiences, too, the past few days I have had a renewed sense of wonder in the sky, my backyard,and even mundane household experiences. And this is all with no drugs, alcohol, caffeine, pills, etc. for years.
I will just keep asking my dream intelligence what's the next right thing to do. And let go of the results,

Ps there is nothing meant to be eroticllustful about this, but here goes. I am sleeping with my lower half bare,In case I become sexually aroused in a dream. I imagine part of the reason those wake me up is the painof having an erection with shorts on. It hurts when I am awake, so it probably does when Im asleep, too.

Pops every time I make a grammar mistake you get to do a reality check

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Re: Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 13 Oct 2017 00:39

Here are my dream movies so far:

careful a little loud so turn your volume down below normal before you
press play (regular dream) (lucid dream) (regular dream) (regular dream)

It was cool to make these so I think I'll keep at it and the cooler my
dreams get, the cooler my movies will be

Dream signs
I decided to go back over some old DJ entries and try to pick out some dreamsions. As I read through, I noticed howa lot of my dreams are fairly believable. But here are some things that happen in my dreamsalot, but not a lot when I'm awake;
Dreamsion #3-being at an in person meeting.
Dreamsioneseeinganyone from hs, any time I am somewhere or I see someone thats not part of my day today life, I need to question it.
Dreamsion=Beng at or seeing anyone at fraternity house.
Dreamsionemomn Dad being together or even seeing many of my relatives because its been a while since I'veseen them,
The dream will adapt to me and not show the dream signs.
Dreamsionsseeingsmokeclose up but not smelling it can I sniff or smell in a dream?

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Re: Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 14 Oct 2017 00:02

Last nights nonlucid

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Re: Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 18 Oct 2017 16:38

Hi guys I have had lucid dreams two or three nights since I last posted

I want of the dreams I was at my grandmother's house and there was this kid with huge eyes and then they became some kind of a strange looking person and some other stuff happened I got angry at some people for smoking and then I walked outside and realized I was dreaming. So I remember seeing the gravel in my Nana's driveway and then flying up alongside the tree.

Then I saw a bunch of white flashes in a black void and felt my physical body so I had to do a body experience and then I had a false Awakening in which I had full control but I had no clue I was dreaming but then I started to think I might be dreaming cuz some things were a little off and I went so far as to try telekinesis on a storage bin but it did not work

When I awoke in reality I was truly amazed and I very enthusiastically wrote it down

The night before last I actually went Lucid 3 times which was pretty cool. I didn't use any particular techniques the Lucidity just came on somewhat randomly. In one my sister was singing and I was looking for a Sharpie marker and the next thing I knew I was in my room and things were a little off so I had to since I was dreaming. I went out to the hallway and flew off through the skylight flushing the skylight out of the way as I went and then I was flying around my house. But it wasn't actually what my house or neighborhood looks like it was probably not an out-of-body experience. Then I expected to have some sort of entity, attack me and sure enough this red thing did and it started shooting at me with a Gatling gun that was in the center of its body it was red and gray and for some reason I was able to come up with the idea of putting up a force field around me that actually block the bullets.

Then I landed and the entity Follow Me Down and threatened to crush me with its arms. I thought about if I could transform the dream into something different so then I could actually enjoy the lucid dream and make the thing that was attacking me go away but I woke up.

Needless to say I got up and very enthusiastically wrote that one down in as much detail as I could. I had moments of Lucidity in the next to sleep cycles and both times my sister was in the dream. The first time there was like a pile of snow that she was hiding under and I was trying to tell her that we were dreaming and then she popped out of the snow and ran away and then I woke up. The second time my sister and I were in a room at my grandmother's house and my dad was downstairs yelling and I felt scared so I tried to push out the window to fly away but the window wouldn't budge. I still knew I was dreaming though. So it was just a low-level lucidity.

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Re: Charles's lucid dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 19 Oct 2017 23:37

Last night I had a pretty amazing lucid dream that I will try to post

It was the first time I used the spinning technique and the spinning technique was very successful for me

It was also the first time I put my fingers through my hand in a dream and I found that I had to press harder than I thought I would and they did go through and there was like this weird glow but I got scared and I pulled them back out

I wonder what would have happened if I looked at my whole dream body or tried to put my hand through my chest or something

I had success with manifesting a female to appear which was just the first thing that came to mind when I realized I had a pretty stable lucid dream going and of course I had a physical response to that in my body which then cause me to wake up so I wish I would have explored the dream world first

I knew it would cause me to wake up but I couldn't help myself!

So next time I have an intention of instead of manifesting a person to have sex with maybe manifesting a person that I could help in some way maybe even another Dreamer because I think the dream world is a shared reality it's not just in my own mind but I know different people think different things and that's okay

So one weird part was when I initially attempted to manifest a woman when I went in the room she was actually like a gray zombie found and a canvas bag and it was actually like some sort of a prisoner so I let that one free

I was actually so surprised in the dream when that happened in because of course I was expecting like a supermodel or something and I guess my subconscious mind was trying to tell me that I shouldn't objectify women and all the stuff morally that I know but in the dream I guess my lust really took over and so I can learn from that and hopefully do better next time

So then after I set her free I spun around thinking that I would like a real woman who is healthy and everything and then 3 action figures appeared with red hair blonde hair and there was another one but I don't remember

Then I spun more and when I looked again they were life-size and real and so I had sex with one and it was interesting but I kind of wish I had chosen or thought of the idea of doing something else because I feel like it took away my opportunity to explore more of the dream world in ways that would have been more fulfilling

I also manifested dream food because I saw a jar of Play-Doh and I decided that it would be food so I ate it and the texture was pretty realistic but I wasn't that interested and I didn't think of any other dream food

Another interesting thing that I feel like it's good to mention is that there was a green snake and the front half of its body was in a canvas bag and I actually under the bag and Let It Go so that felt like the right thing to do because I felt bad that it was trapped in a bag

I know people give snakes a lot of different meanings and I think snakes are usually associated with bad things but I didn't have bad feeling about the snake

Actually I did I was afraid it would bite me so I let it go and kind of love quick way and then I ran away and then I tried to shut the door but the door wouldn't shut all the way so who knows I could dream tonight and the snake could be anywhere

I was afraid of the snake bit me would hurt

I actually forgot exactly when I became Lucid but there were a series of things that didn't quite match up and I was driving down the road and then I think I made the car jump a little bit in the air and there's a whole part of it between that and and then the events that I just shared about that I really can't remember even though I went to write it down as soon as I woke

Well that was my experience it wasn't exactly chronological but I was most amazing at how effective spinning was

Oh yeah and then it was 2:30 a.m. when I woke up and I was hoping to be able to have another lucid dream after that but I can't get back to sleep until 4:30 or 5 and when I did sleep it was like such a dead sleep and I have a feeling I dreamed but I didn't have any dream recall

So it's almost time for bed now I hope everybody gets a lucid dream tonight

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