Was I LD? (Can Lucidity be lost in middle of a dream?)

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Was I LD? (Can Lucidity be lost in middle of a dream?)

Postby lesnar1234 » 11 Nov 2012 22:16

Hi guys, I had this dream a few days ago. Please tell me if I was Lucid Dreaming or just a normal dream.. And whether Lucidity can be lost in middle of a dream?

Ok i dont exactly remember the start.... What i remember is.... I am on the terrace of the uphouse and i suddenly looked in the watch and it was about 10:05 am.... I realised that i was late for a bus which i had to board for pune, it was a 10 hours journey and its departure time was 10:00 am [in my real life the departure time of this bus is 9:00 pm]...i had to board this bus at any cost because the next day my post graduate diploma classes were commencing, and in my real life the instructors had told me to join on the first day because they had to distribute some course material and had also told me to maintain 100% attendance in the first month... hence i had to reach pune at any cost... I called my mom and told her that i had missed the bus and she was like 'how could you miss it', i also told my dad and he also gave a same reply. I started thinking that if i had paid just the advance money rather than the complete money while making the reservation then maybe the bus people would have called me before leaving but as i had paid the complete money they didnt bother calling me....So i started thinking of various ways to reach pune like taking own car, driving my bike to catch the bus,etc..... After thinking a bit i decided to take my own bike with a pillion so that i can catch the bus and after that the pillon can bring the bike back to our home... I asked my uncle, to come with me...he said its 10:45 am and that its to late, the bus would have travelled a long distance now... I told him that bus would not have left untill 10:15 am and we still have a chance.... He got convinced and agreed to come with me... So we rushed to my house (which is at 5 minutes distance from uncles house) where i had to take my bags... I went upstairs and realised that i had still not packed my bags... I said, oh God now it will be too late coz i had to pack the bags... I looked at the clock to see what time it was.... The clock showed 3:00 pm.... I now realised that i was dreaming. i was trying to calm myself down so that i dont wake up.... I knew people liked to fly in their dreams so i said lets try flying... I went in the balcony raised both the hands like a superman and developed an intention to fly.. My feets went off the ground and yes i started flying though i found that i was not having a good control over it... I was flying for pretty long time... One time i tried flying backwards and i was going in the direction of an electricity pole and someone suddenly shouted to watch it.. I also saw a flying passenger plane, i thought to fly towards the plane and have a close look at it.. I started to fly but very soon the plane landed before me reaching to it.. All this flying was near the sea shore... After flying for some time, i saw a tornado over the sea and it was heading towards us.... All of a sudden i was on the ground... People were running to find some place where they can be secure... Even i ran to find some shelter [At this point I think that I lost the lucidity, coz I would not have ran for shelter if I would have known that I was still dreaming]... I saw a few houses made of coconut tree leaves and said that these arent helpful...there were two concrete buildings too...i tried opening the doors of one building but they were locked from inside..so i tried the other one and it opened...i went inside, i saw there were a few others in there too... Then we hold the doors tight so that they wont open due to the force of the water... Immediately the tsunami came and we could feel the force exerted on the doors and also the sound of it... One kid holding the left side of the door was pushing it so hard that the door opened on the other side, but by this time the intensity of the tsunami had gone less hence water did not enter the building.... Afterward i went out and hit that kid for doing it...

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