Loud wind in my ears

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Loud wind in my ears

Postby Ella151 » 06 Feb 2013 07:45

I always take about an hour to fall asleep when I go to bed. Last night, 2/4/13, I was tossing and turning as usual trying to get comfortable, trying to turn off my brain and just go to sleep. I felt like I was still wide- awake and almost instantly, my whole body became heavy, like all the muscles relaxed all at once. I felt like my mind was still alert, though. Suddenly, it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel, or something. It was like wind was rushing through my ears and it was so loud it was terrifying. I tried to sit up to figure out what was going on but I could not move at all. I couldn’t even open my eyes. All I wanted to do was make the noise stop. Even though I was paralyzed and frightened, I also felt sexually aroused. I felt a jolt through my body and then I was able to open my eyes and the noise stopped. It felt like I was vibrating/ pulsating from my head to my toes and I was afraid to go back to sleep but my body still felt heavy and I was too tired to move, even though I wanted to get up. Suddenly it was like I was pulled back to sleep instantly and the noise started again. Like before, I could not open my eyes or move and I was petrified. I jolted awake again and the entire process repeated itself once more before I was able to fall asleep for real. After the second time that it happened, I saw a young girl chewing on my blanket. She was staring at me with huge green eyes, her skin was gray, her teeth were broken and black and her hair was very thin, black and wirey. I wasn’t as afraid of her as I was of the noises because I knew that I had imagined her. This has been happening like once every two months (minus the visual of the girl, I only saw her this time.) Does anyone else hear the terrifying wind when they try to fall asleep?

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Re: Loud wind in my ears

Postby Intrepid » 06 Feb 2013 13:27

Those would be the tell-tale signs of sleep paralysis. It's the half-way point between asleep and awake in which your body is beginning to shut down your motor skills that the sounds and sensations are most common. I've heard phantom voices, vibrations, wind, doors shutting...it's unique and amazing. Embrace it :)

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Re: Loud wind in my ears

Postby taniaaust1 » 07 Feb 2013 16:04

Sounds like you are on the verge of having an astral projection (out of body experience). Ive got the wind experience like that when im about to OBE. I too find that wind very unsettling. (even worst it at times starts pelting things at me which hurt as they hit). If you can ignore it and relax.. you may find yourself out and able to go and explore astral plane.

The little girl.. is probably just one of the images which come between the sleep/wake states as the other poster said. (Ive forgotten now exactly the name for those images)
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Re: Loud wind in my ears

Postby BrandonUnknown » 19 Jan 2018 02:28

Okay so I had to search this up straight away and this is the only post I found but listen to this. Okay so I was in bed slowly falling asleep and as I am actually asleep I realise it’s a dream right so I know I’m dreaming (this has actually never happened to me before) so I was like oh wow this is cool at first it was just me sitting there with a few friends you know then it’s me near a park and I start running super fucking fast which took me by surprise and I bounced off of a bush IN MY DREAM.

This is the most crazy part though because I finally thought okay this has gone on for a while now maybe I need to wake up right so I force myself to wake up and as I open my eyes it feels like they’re open but not at the same time I can’t describe it, it was kinda like a outter body experience but not. So as I open my eyes I hear this loud wind noise like a hurracaine or something and feel like something is pulling me down onto my bed like a magnet which really scared me then I woke up pretty freaked after like a few seconds

Let me know if this has happened to anyone

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Re: Loud wind in my ears

Postby promo » 26 Jan 2018 09:10

BrandonUnknown wrote:and feel like something is pulling me down onto my bed like a magnet which really scared me then I woke up pretty freaked after like a few seconds

Definitely a sleep paralysis symptom, welcome to the beginning chapters of getting your dream abilities. ;)

If any dark entities appear during those experiences you can call upon Jesus and your guardians to protect/free you. After that you should have no issues as long as you keep your aura cleansed of negative energy.

If there are no entities around during the paralysis don't worry, that type of transition happens from occasionally but the more you experience it they quicker/easier it will be for you to avoid it and/or free yourself from it.

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Re: Loud wind in my ears

Postby Kinkajou93 » 03 Feb 2018 12:06

Hi there,

What you experienced was sleep paralysis. It is not dangerous at all, in fact it happens to you every time you go to sleep. You see, when you fall asleep, certain neurotransmitters are activated which causes your muscles to become paralsyed. This is so that you don't physically act out your dreams and endangee yourself, and a flaw in this process is partly what causes sleep walking and similar conditions.

Sometimes though, for whatever reason, usually if your circadian rhythm is being disturbed by awkward sleep patterns such as jet lag etc, this system will fall out of sync and your muscles enter paralysis before your brain shifts to sleep status...your body effectively falls asleep before you do.

I have had this myself too many times to count, but I have very rarely had hallucinations. I think that's because I am not scared of it and just relax.
In fact, much of the time, what you are seeing isn't actually in your room at all, your mind has just reproduced your surroundings very accurately and you may notice when you wake up that things are in different places within your room than in the hallucination.

Next time, relax and go with it. Keep your eyes closed and focus on what you want to dream, because this is a gateway into lucid dreaming.

Hope this provided a background into what you experienced. Thanks for sharing!

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