what is wrong with me? sleep issues

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what is wrong with me? sleep issues

Postby thedigi321 » 05 Sep 2017 04:52

my dreams are weird, my friends from my childhood doing odd things. ill get 12 hours a night usually, but my eyes look like someone as beat me to a pulp they are puffy and swollen and blood shot, and the worst part is that the i feel like i get no sleep, i start hearing voices and seeing things... i cant even meditate, let me rephrase that something keeps me from meditating, ill hear foot steps or knocking on my door, and it brings me out of my meditating state. i take medication for these issues(also sleeping issues), but i dont think the voices and seeing things are something medication can fix, i think im in tuned to the spirit world in a way, see when i was in sixth grade my grandfather died we hung his picture in the living room, and i saw something dart from the living room past my bed room to the back of the house, i told my doctor and he put me in a mental nut house, i got out in 3-4 days because i wasnt crazy, he put on medication that just made the seeing things worst then i started to hear my name being called repeatly so often that i quit answering my parents fast forward 10-13 in the summer of 2015 i was help my friend set up a barbarque cook out and she stayed at that house repeatedly, well i recently stayed at her house where her husband's dad and mom died, and i stayed in the room with the father's teeth and a few pictures, i was really upset that something bad would happen and they like this blanket of calmness came over me, and i drifted off to sleep, while setting up i told my friend that felt really calm in her husband's room, she told me that it is where her husband goes relax and calm down because of his dad's spirit. i told her about the incident at my old house and she told me she felt a presence there too, so i dont think im crazy, im just not getting restful sleep, can lucid dreaming help fix that in some way by bring me peace of mind while i sleep?

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