What did i experience? Any ideas?

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What did i experience? Any ideas?

Postby FlyAway2000 » 16 Nov 2017 21:16

There are various things that i have experienced, i once had an exploding head syndrome, but its not as weird as this thing:

This happened a few days ago, but it has happened a few times i think.

1.So basically, i get a dream that i don't like (nightmare or something weird, or the most common thing in normal dreams - me getting into trouble)
But i am fully aware that i am not sleeping. I can barely move, it feels like i am paralyzed, but in a matter of 1 second i can get myself to move.
2 more seconds, i close my eyes, the new dream instantly begins as i freeze again, and again, i don't enjoy it (it turns into something bizarre quite fast, also in a matter of seconds!), i do my best to shake, i am back to normal state.

What could it be? :|
I am 100% sure it was not a dream. It happened this year a few times, so... what is it?
There is also another interesting thing that i could tell you about, its quite funny too :D

2. I went to bed in the middle of the day to rest for 5 mins. Not to sleep, just to lay around. Suddenly, after some time, i start hearing a sound of wind, on repeat. When i think that it should be louder, it becomes louder on the next repeat. If i want it to be quiet, same thing.
I stood up, it stopped, i got confused, went back to bed and it started again as i though about it, but then in a few secs it stopped, i got paralyzed and had a dream about a show i watched before the whole thing. I was hit on head in the dream, felt pain irl!
Just like in #1, i was NOT sleeping, i was fully awake, but something kept happening. 8-)

Any ideas? :?:
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Re: What did i experience? Any ideas?

Postby 24/7/365 » 18 Nov 2017 20:52


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