Power Lines

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Power Lines

Postby IvoryPavo » 06 Sep 2017 00:45

I'd an odd dream recently that completely revolved around power lines. I'd 'teleport' from one place to the next, and there would always be two poles posted equidistant to one another, usually in some vacant grassy field. I'd watch for a moment and then the poles would snap, electricity sparking from the wires. This continued in every area I traveled to, and I couldn't back out of the dream. I was stuck watching.
I remember most of the poles being wooden at first, then the last few were transmission towers. Instead of splitting at the base like the wooden ones they'd just bend and topple over. When I saw these towers I was in a savanna and the sky was overcast like a deluge was well on its way. The whole setting changed to be stormy, and it appeared the source of light in the dream almost always came from behind me.
I have no earthly idea as to what could have possibly triggered this dream. Not like I went to bed thinking about transmission towers. :lol: Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.. I'm completely open.
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