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So I tend to have very vivid dreams that end up coming true. For example, I've told quite a few friends they were pregnant, before they even knew, and if they were having a boy or girl. Every time I was right. They are usually the only dreams I remember, other than visitation dreams from my loved ones that have passed away.

I recently have been having increasingly vivid and frequent dreams of an ex from ten years ago. I've dreamt of him many many times over the years but recently even more so and more vivid. Background... A few months before we broke up, I had a series of dreams that he was cheating on me. Each one having more details in them. Ultimately, every single one happened in really life. Exactly how they happened in my dreams. Weird, I know. Anyway, fast forward all these years and he is now married (to my knowledge) to the lady he cheated on me with and has children with her. I too have moved on and have a child of my own. My ex and I ran into each other a little over a year ago and had quite a nice interaction. Nothing inappropriate in any way. Just a very quick conversation, a hug and went on with our day.

The dream... Last night I had a dream that he left his wife and he brought his children back to his home state to live. He contacted me and asked me if we could meet up. We did and it was as if we didn't miss a beat. It was so real. I could feel his hands around me and his heart pounding when he was telling me that he left his wife because he "couldn't live a lie anymore". All of the sudden we were living together blending our families. Both of us were cuddling on the couch watching our children getting along and playing a game on the floor in front of us and all was right with the world again.

I woke up with this feeling of "holy crap, that's going to come true" and strong sadness for his wife. It was just as vivid as my past dreams that have come true and I remember every detail as I write this fifteen hours later.

Chances are, this isn't going to come true but what does it mean? Why was it so vivid and real? Why did I have such a feeling of peace and love and sadness all at the same time? Why am I have so many dreams of him lately?

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