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Many Worlds Interpretation

Postby Stevek » 18 Jan 2013 14:33

Halo. Some may be interested in dreams as expressions in the parallel universe theories, based upon
quantum physics. Hugh Everett created the idea that the universes are being continually created based upon potential splits in quatum event processing. You can wiki him and his successors and see what I mean. MWI, or Many Worlds Interpretation Theory is gaining ground in frontier science. The dream interaction with my suggestion...or may often have the notion of another "you" living a different life separate from any Freud or Jungian ideas about dream interpretation. Another topic I consider, besides food-related Lucidness, is that chemical changes due to miccrobes, especially virus'...which can cause rapid onset of many, many dreams. I had about 25 dreams last nite...each different...and this morning I had a slight relapse of the flu bug. 25 dreams is too much for my dream log, yes? Bloggers are not allowed to shoot and/or sue me in the event I am mistaken. Ha! To Rebecca and the Beast...good luck and lessons with the child. You will need them. For now, he is a Tabla Rasa (John Lock's initial ;) blank slate)...but that will change as personality and Ego begin to form in his Left Brain Hemisphere.

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