Feeling vibrations before falling asleep

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Re: Feeling vibrations before falling asleep

Postby karlpit » 20 May 2017 03:25

lucidé wrote:
karlpit wrote:This happened to me last night.
Just before I fell asleep I think my body was scaring itself then at the point I was as scared as I could be my body started vibrating.
I couldn't move but I could think but also could hear anything it was complete silence
Around 30 seconds or so later I snapped out of it. I felt a large blanket over my face and I swear to god I saw it.
I couldn't tell if the blanket was mine or if it was me going into a OOBE, I had no experience Of a OOBE so I just waited till I woke up.
It would've been cool if I knew what a OOBE was when it happened.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdCyCY9Cs0g&t=297s You turn into a ghost just like in Danny Phantom. Turning into a ghost is a dream ability, whether people want to believe it or not (some people believe they can turn into a ghost). It isn't even required in a lucid dream to leave a corpse behind to turn into a ghost as Danny Phantom easily shows you can just change your costume like him.

If you saw a blanket go over your face, this was dream imagery, this all is part of entering a WILD. Why not try to see if you can throw that blanket off of you next time. Listen very carefully to your breathing, as this has proven a very useful reality check for me right before a WILD. If your breathing either does not match the breathing you can hear, or you aren't even breathing at all, you are in a dream. Now is the time to try to move your dream body away from your bed, and try to experiment with different things, being very careful not to lose the awareness of your dream. You could even try flying if you wanted to.
I can't remember if I was breathing or not. But it felt very real.

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Re: Feeling vibrations before falling asleep

Postby lucidé » 20 May 2017 04:02

karlpit wrote:I can't remember if I was breathing or not. But it felt very real.

I know how some dreams, even lucid dreams can feel. The feeling in them is just so overwhelming, it is like you are in a completely different reality. Sometimes in some of my lucid dreams, I enjoy it so much, I really don't want to have to wake up in the morning.
However, dreams are completely different from real life for many reasons. If you can recognize that even if it feels real, it is still a dream, you'll benefit from it. For example, I was in the EEG center, and was attempting to induce a WILD. As soon as I opened up my dream eyes and could see the room beyond full spectrum colors, I immediately could tell I was in a lucid dream. While seeing in full spectrum might "feel real" to some people, it is a huge indicator to a seasoned lucid dreamer that they are in a lucid dreamer, and I rose my dream body off the table, cloning myself in the process. Cloning and flying are also dream symbols, you cannot auto clone yourself in real life, nor can you fly in real life.
An example of lucid dreaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW7ps_VSPkg (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3X1n5Yny3g

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