Thoughts on iCeption Lucid Dream App?

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Thoughts on iCeption Lucid Dream App?

Postby foreverlucid » 22 Aug 2012 05:11

Dear Lucid Dreamers....
These guys who graduated from the same technology department launched a lucid dream app yesterday. I was one of the BETA testers but I have to tell you one of my 4 experiences was not pleasant. It is an app where the dream scenarios are created by the user. It is somewhat intense and not for the beginner lucid dreamer. The app uses computer voices to speak word for word what the user types into the app while the messages activate during REM Sleep.

The link is here

Is this Brainwashing? I had three great experiences and then one bad one which was a bit overwhelming.

This product definitely works but I feel can be used for brainwashing and negative stimulus. What does everyone think?

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Re: Thoughts on iCeption Lucid Dream App?

Postby Kal » 24 Aug 2012 20:02

I haven't used it, but the computerized voices sound a little creepy.

Other than that, I guess it depends what words you enter and what those words mean to you.

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