lucid dream?

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lucid dream?

Postby hattie » 26 Aug 2012 03:37

Bassicly, last night I was in bed and felt like I was awake as I was still thinking but in that half asleep mode where you just think of random stuff that you imediately forget, if that makes sense? But anyway I saw an image of my old house with all my friends and family inside and then I started hearing really loud screaming and shouting, not bad, as if I was at a party. I had my eyes open and was aware of everything around me but the screaming sounded like it was right in my ears, like it was real and I was tripping really badly.. I felt like I had to stop myself from making any noise my self and check that it wasnt me screaming. It then got really quiet and I felt someone in my bed hugging me. I realised it was a close friend and I know it sounds creepy but we started kissing and it felt so real. When I started to realise it wasnt real they got up and walked across my room and I tried so hard to get them back but they were gone and that was it and I felt fully awake as if I was never asleep at all..
Im not sure if any of this makes sense or if its normal, just looking for someone to tell me if this is a lucid dream? Or have I gone insane/being fed drugs?

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Re: lucid dream?

Postby Lavendula » 26 Aug 2012 08:02

Yes the ending was a lucid dream. The beginning was probably just a regular dream that you remembered more vividly because of you becoming lucid later on

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