belly light

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belly light

Postby MagMeyer » 28 Sep 2012 16:17

i saw him coming toward me. i recognized his gait, stance and feel immediately.

we know each other. he loves me. his worn tshirt glowing from his belly brighter and brighter as he moves towards me only momentarily takes my attention from the kindness and caring in his sparkling green eyes.

i scan his face and his smile is soft and pulls the muscles in my chest toward him

the closer he gets the brighter the basketball of light from his belly arches and moves not toward me, but from me, from everywhere. it is natural and liquid warm and pulls my ears further back on my skull and i am aware of my grin.

within feet we merge and are bathed in this love light and he breathes a kiss on my forehead. we dissolve and only exist as light.

we love us.
Bless us all

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