a short LD, after a long time.

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a short LD, after a long time.

Postby R99 » 13 Nov 2012 04:44

so friends, i got another LD this morning, its a short one,but its a wonderful experience that never happened in my LD. it was a long non-lucid dream then i somehow become lucid. after stabilizing LD am standing in middle of a huge ground nothing in it. then i remembered about my intention and i put out an experiment. i asked the dream that show me something amazing.( never done it before) suddenly the ground in front of me started to moving, its like a camera technique like zoom out. now i cannot see the end of the ground anymore its out of my reach. then the ground began to become a valley it was very quick change. it densely populated with plants and trees. it was a clear sky then its filled with pure white cloud that moving slowly by touching top of mountain.

after some moments i again asked the dream to show me something terrifying,----thats it dream began to collapse, i think i starred at the valley too much. my bad. not gonna happen next time, i guzz. :|
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