Lucid Dream or Not

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Lucid Dream or Not

Postby enelson » 17 Nov 2012 21:20

I need some advice on if I have become lucid or not. I had a dream last week where I preformed a reality check and told myself that I was lucid dreaming. I walked around and then the dream faded. I had a more recent dream where I asked myself if was dreaming and then a dream figure asked me if I was dreaming, then the dream faded. These dreams felt like regular dreams, but having never experienced a lucid dream, I do not know if they were or not. They were both very fuzzy dreams. I did not feel much in the way of self control in the dreams, and I have just dismissed them as regular dreams where I have almost become lucid.

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Re: Lucid Dream or Not

Postby erichsa » 18 Nov 2012 18:50

Just be patience, read,think,and know you will in time become fully lucid. Practice will be your number one helper. Our lucid dreaming forums are full with good tips. I check them once a day, and find often, good advise given to seekers also helped me. :)

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Re: Lucid Dream or Not

Postby enelson » 18 Nov 2012 22:45

Thanks for the advice! I will keep practicing; maybe I just needed some reassurance :)

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Re: Lucid Dream or Not

Postby HAGART » 20 Nov 2012 00:14

That is almost lucid.
I get really vivid lucid dreams and other times I sort of know I am dreaming, but am not fully lucid and it is vague upon remembering in the morning. And I experienced the full gamut between those extremes.

Sometimes lucid dreams are just like a regular dream except for the the fact that you FULLY know you are dreaming. It's like being alice in wonderland or experiencing a naturally induced hallucination. That's how I would describe it. BUT I am sometimes only half aware and it happens sometimes even if you had been fully lucid before.

Keep at it. Sounds like your on the right track.
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Re: Lucid Dream or Not

Postby Summerlander » 20 Nov 2012 00:34

You need to work on two things.

First, you need to work on your self-awareness (you can do this in the real world by paying attention to your actions) and also use a dream journal to help you with dream recall.

Secondly, once you manage to induce a lucid dream, you need to work on intensifying your sensations in the dream world which will help you to remain there and prolong your experience. Deepen, maintain and manage the lucid state. Stabilise the lucid dream because lucidity tends to fluctuate in the spectrum of consciousness.

Lucid dreaming is a hybrid state of mind that needs to be maintained lest it fades into ordinary dreaming or propels one into the waking state. Work on this skill. Another thing that helps is to have an interesting plan of action in mind (devised before falling asleep) so that hesitation is avoided during dream consciousness. Dithering can quickly terminate the experience.
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