Walking on water

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Walking on water

Postby TheDoctor » 30 Dec 2012 19:05

I'm flying through the void, but this time, feet first. Next I'm floating out of bed in a strange room, and float through the ceiling. Or maybe this happened in the other order? I remember also moving around in the dark until the scene coalesced.

Finally, I'm in a room full of people, all sitting around. The scene is very crisp. I go around and ask individuals, "If this were a dream, who would you represent." One fellow says something that I don't remember. Another goes on at length about working with gold. My mom is there, and she identifies herself with a name that sounds like that of my friend's daughter. I'm thinking she doesn't understand the question.

I pet the cat and I feel her claws. I note how real it feels.

There is an odd-looking lady dressed in a striped sweater, with her eyes partially obscurred by her hair. I grab her by the ankle and her leg comes of onto the couch. I comment on how strange this is, but no one seems interested. My point is that I'm trying to demonstrate that this is a dream.

I walk to the end of the room and as I pass the radio, I try to change the music with my intention. My effort has little effect. I head back, and everyone's gone outside. I'm aware that it's winter, so before I head through the door, I turn my back and decide to change the dream scene to Hawaii. I head through the sliding glass door, and it's not Hawaii, but everyone's in a swimming pool.

I decide to show them that I can walk on water. I'm already barefoot, and I'm wearing jeans. I briefly consider rolling them up, but I'm aware that it's late in the morning in WPR, and I'm concerned about waking up soon. I step into the water, and my feet submerge a few inches. I'm not really walking on water, but I'm floating with my feet just a few inches below the surface. It's more like flying. I'm disappointed. People are vaguely impressed.


Additional Comments:

This is what usually happens when I try to walk on water.

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