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I'm 19 years-old and I used to lucid dream when I was very young; I remember having recurring nightmares, and I eventually dealt with them through lucid dreaming. I also remember being able to force myself awake from dreams by squinting my eyes tightly and re-opening them very quickly. Somewhere along the line, I obviously stopped being able to do this and never really noticed it was gone.

Recently, I heard about lucid dreaming and decided I'd like to start doing it again. I'm keeping a dream diary that I've kept for about a week now, usually with about 2-5 dreams recorded. I remember them by setting my phone alarm very early; when I go to turn it off, I quickly use the Memo feature shortcut to jot down as many key words as possible describing dreams (usually about 7-10 words), before returning to sleep. I am thankfully one of those people who can fall back to sleep within a few seconds and not really remember having ever been woken up, so maybe this wouldn't work with a lighter sleeper who couldn't sleep again after. When I wake up to start my day properly, I look at the key notes and write a more detailed version of anything I can remember (the notes really help jog my memory). Sometimes I end up with a few key words where I have absolutely no idea what they are referring to, so those are obviously dreams I just forget about.

My reality checks are:
- Looking at my palm. I count the digits to make sure there are five. I also have two small brown freckles on my right palm, and so always check that they're there too. Sometimes I forget to do this, but so far I've managed at least 4 checks per day.
- Looking at the time, then looking away, and looking back. This is to check that the time is the same.
- If I am by my computer, I look at the magnet I have stuck to the tower, away, and back again. It has a message on it, so I read that, remember it, then look back to check it's the same.

Are these decent ways of recalling dreams and checking for reality? I'd rather correct any flaws in my method quickly before they become habit. :)

Nice to meet you all!

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