Last night's LD: lots accomplished

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Last night's LD: lots accomplished

Postby mia » 07 May 2013 02:30

Well, I seem to enter many LDs through false awakenings. I had another last night, where I thought I was getting up to use the bathroom, but then realized I was dreaming. My LD bedroom was just the same; I touched the armoire, and the door frame as I left the room, the wall, the other wall ( all so real). I went into the living room; this time it was dark and no DCs anywhere; so I went through the kitchen, and out the back door. It was dark and raining outside, and I flew around the yard feeling the rain on my skin. I then remembered some LD goals; one was to find someone I dream about a lot, and ask why they are always in my dreams. So I sort of 'teleported' ( or something) to where they were living, went through their window, and flew around their house inside. They didn't see me it seemed, but just kept busy with what they were doing. I just flew out of the window and left, remembering my other LD goals.

So, I tried to 'conjure' a dreamscape I want, but failed ( again); how DO you do that anyway? I tried the turning and facing the opposite direction, and the scene changed, but not to what I had wanted.

Then I searched out and experienced some goals of an 'adult' nature ( no details here as I'm aware we have quite young people on this board). Let's just say I was successful on 3 successive occasions; to my surprise. ( I discovered some very interesting things.) Anyway. So fast forward now.

Then moving along into a townscape ( using walking around a corner to find the new dream scene) ; the dream has stayed mostly as 'night scenes' throughout ( I now realize I should have tried to get more daylight). My next goal was to eat chocolate cake. I lined up outside of a restaurant where DCs were waiting to get in, and asked them if they served chocolate cake here. A woman told me no they didn't.( I recognized her, but forgot who she was when I woke up.) At this point I was thinking about where I would find chocolate cake, and I was feeling no confidence in 'creating' another restaurant. (Now I have some ideas of what I could have done.) For some reason, my dream began to collapse here; I didn't know how to stop it; I felt myself partly in the dream and partly in bed, almost as if I were falling out of the dream even as I looked at the woman I was speaking to; then opened my eyes to waking.

So this lasted quite a nice long time. I accomplished goals.
I now know I need to focus on more light, and that darn ' creating the dreamscape' I want. Can I create a dreamscape as I want ( or something like I want?). How? Have any of you done that?
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