question about strange lucid dream and black void attack.

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Re: question about strange lucid dream and black void attack

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 May 2013 09:10

your face changing to a demon.. your inner demon one could say. We all probably have inner demons. If messing around with your inner demon is scaring you, probably best to leave it alone and have fun and happy LDs.

haha.. Im glad its you and not me.. I personally HATE falling sensations, black voids and demons even if they are just dream demons. I also have a thing about mirrors!!

Those dots.. once again they are your own subconsciousness expressing itself, the green dot was probably a different subconscious representation of your inner demon. I personally find it's best not to run in a LD but rather face whatever there you are fearing. (I once had a very scary demon in a LD, I was stuck in a small row boat with him sitting directly across from me. I ended up changing him into an innocent little boy). Stand strong knowing you carry the power in your LD and change it!
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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