Using a mirror to see the invisible

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Using a mirror to see the invisible

Postby DreamInception » 22 Nov 2011 06:57

Somehow the idea came to me that if I used a mirror in a lucid dream I would be able to see things that my eyes could not see during a dream. So I did. I found myself in a room, it look like a modern plush waiting room where everything was fancy white. The long room was empty with only me in it. I saw a couch across me and I sense something, or someone else there in that empty room with me. I suddenly turned my back to it and quickly pulled a mirror out of my pocket. I looked back through the mirror and saw this big alien looking guy seating there. He jumped up startled suddenly realizing what I was doing. This alien guy looked just like the character from Hellboy (and no I haven't seen the movie).

Anyways I would like to try out this mirror technique again and see if I'm able to discover anything hidden to the eye within a dream.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences in seeing or able to sense the invisible in a lucid dream?
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