So what was the creature doing?

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So what was the creature doing?

Postby yogithis » 23 Nov 2011 22:15

I've been having more amazing dreams lately but this one was different. It's hard to remember the flow of the dream but there were some standout moments so forgive the scattergun approach..

Firstly the house/building was huge. Inside it was the most amazing house I've ever been in. It was so spacious and gave off the vibe that whoever owned it was clearly minted. Gold taps and plush furnishings were everywhere.

I wasn't alone. My friend was with me for some of it until we got seperated. I remember walking between the rooms looking for him and being surprised I couldn't find him, i don't recall there being any doorways as such. There were many levels and at one point I was outside and was bouncing/flying about and some people were amazed to see me to do this.

The next thing i remember is waking up in a bed in one of the bedrooms and seeing a figure in the next room. The figure was a man and I hoped it was my friend. I called out to him but got no response. I was so heavy in my body I could barely keep my eyes open and felt a tremendous pressure as I tried to wake up properly and sit up. It took all my effort to raise myself partly from the bed to see clearly who was in the next room but my eyes wouldn't open properly. At no point did I feel the need to panic. I collapsed back onto the bed and then tried to see raise myself again to see who was there, as I did I could see clearly an object/creature hovering above me around my middle. It was a ball with loads of short tentacles (maybe 6 inches long), they were moving all the time and I found myself observing it and wondering what exactly it was when my base chakra kicked off and then I fell back onto the bed and went back to sleep only to wake up in my own bed.

There was more to this dream than I can remember and at no point can I say I was lucid. This dream was again really vivid.

Can anyone suggest what the creature was? Has anyone experienced a creature like this?

Once agin your thoughts and comments would be most welcome.


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