Any Thoughts on This?

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Any Thoughts on This?

Postby chiller173 » 06 Jul 2013 02:49

It started with me being somewhere, there's people around whatever. I was instantly aware I was dreaming, but I didn't feel the usual pull to wake up. So I started trying things, like making fireballs and tornados and moving things. Instead of the usual rushed approach I had taken previously, I took a slow, patient approach. Anything I tried to do, I associated with a movement of my dream body. This seemed to work pretty well, as I was able to do everything I tried without waking up. So I began to fly around and explore. I guess, part of the reason for wanting to lucidly dream is there's some answers to some questions that I want. So, with this in mind as I was exploring, I found myself drifting through different landscapes, until I ended up in what I can only describe as a lord of the ring elf style place with a bunch of old asian dudes in it. One of these people, for whatever reason he had a name (something of a rarity in dreams in my personal experience) was called master zen. This guy wanted to fight me for some reason. So I picked up what I can only describe as a stick looking thing. I changed it into a sword. What I first noticed was it was not a stable transformation. It was waivering between what it was and what I wanted. It took a lot of focus to stablize it into a new form. At this point, the guy said to me "Oh, you think you know this world? You don't". He then turned invisible. So I'm sitting there like "wtf??? this isn't good'. I then heard the same voice and it said "this is my world you're a child' (Perhaps this was just a reflection of my mind assessing it's own capabilities for doing things in the dream world?). The object that I had made into a sword started to waiver back to whatever it had been to begin with. It was like another mind was reshaping the environment I was in. Once again, it took a lot of focus to keep it stabalized. I then started walking down the hallway I was in, trying to keep my sword as a sword because I felt I obviously needed a weapon. It was at that point I saw the reflection of the now invisible guy on the floor, turned around and stabbed him. As soon as that happened, it was like the 'force' that seemed to be shaping the dream around me was gone. I walked down the hall and I soon woke up from contemplating what had just happened.

So any thoughts? I really want to know if anyone else has encountered master zen lol.

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