Where to begin

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Where to begin

Postby Bael » 10 Nov 2013 21:34

I have so many dreams to share but I guess I will start with the one I just had last night :roll:

It seems that it starts out as a normal dream like always very vivid clear and long. Something will then trigger to me that this IS NOT REAL then I feel euphoric that I'm awake in a dream again and I immediately try to concentrate so I don't wake and can have some fun.

In my dream last night I was wandering through a building and came into the basement. I looked around and there were metal tables everywhere lined up in rows and on these tables were people wrapped in tin foil cooking under heat lamps (like chicken strips being kept warm in a cafeteria) this is what triggered to me that this was a dream. I turned around and left the building coming into a busy street, I decided to have some fun with traffic running out into it a huge semi truck came at me and I ran into head first the thing split apart people going everywhere I loved it. I looked to the sky and tried to change the clouds which for some reason I couldnt. I then try to imagine very hard a tornado and it got windy as hell and dark and the building started to collapse and fell on me. I pushed my way out of the rubble and there was a dosmetic fight in the back-yard of the neighboring house so I went over to investigate and my step dad was beating someone to death with a bat but next to him was a mini pyramid with a portal to egypt infont. I ran straight into it and woke up :cry: .

It was a great dream I have so many to share that I will later when I have more time to type and I have them ALL THE TIME. Glad I found this community cause my friends are sick to death of hearing about my dreams

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