Omfg scary please reply

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Omfg scary please reply

Postby rami elhaibe » 12 Jul 2014 15:32

I just had the scariest lucid dream and I had full clarity at times and I could actually feel things.
So I woke up and went on my iPad I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. While watching a 15-20 minute video I accidentally fell asleep. Now I was in my bedroom and I was with despicable me kids and gru walked in. Random stuff happened and then the dream fades to a stupid zombie game that was just me trying to escape. Now here is when the scary part starts we are in a lab with a team (sorta likes scooby do) I had no idea who they were but It seemed like all of them were wearing glasses, why do I care? I care because I found out im far sided so I got some glasses today. But we ended up in a part of a lab and I was examining somthing on th wall. Someone put slow music on and it ends up making my team crazy and every girl in the team wanted to dance, I became semi lucid and just pushed her away and she said some rude things. I just kept examining the wall for somthing what was on the was a redish blahs plastic rope. I just wanted to examine it so bad. Later the dream fades into a minecraft version of the lab I could hear screeching don somewhere. I told my brother who was coincidentally right next to me that I have powers. He was like yeah right so I told him I could hear screeching down. So went down a mine and found zombies. They infected everyone and that's how the game began. But I ended up in the parking lot of the lab full of zombies. I realized I was dreaming again but this time it was so clear to me. I was gonna do somthing but it seemed like my sc never wants me to do anything so the dream fades away. I wake up still tired and hear the video still in the background. I accidentally fall asleep again! I'm in the parking lot again this time but I have huge clarity. I feel the dream fade as I tell myself to go somewhere.this time I didn't let my sc interfere I skinned and claped my hands out of the blue and said somthing like "I am dreaming and I will not wake up!" I ended up at the place I wanted but the dream kept fading a to. Of times because I kept getting exited. So I had to keep saying the chant and spinning while clapping my hands. I was testing my power by saying chair! But a table popped up so it works sorta. I did some stuff and woke up 2 more times and fell back asleep accidentally again. But it always ended me up in the parking lot. This time there was a titian from titian fall and I called one in to take it down. I realized it was getting boring and I was thinking on what I should do. But I was about to destroy the other Titan because he was the one who created the zombies. I see a pole coming from the lab So I pick it up. At that moment a huge flashback from the 1900 came up. This lab was a hotel I could see others coming in and buying tickets from coin machines. I was feeling sad for them because they would die and never leave. I was thinking did this make my gang crazy? The flashback ended and I'm in the parking lot I feel so not lucid so I remember someone said something like Clarity. So I yell out of my minds "Clarity now!" The dream starts shaking so hard I wake up semi paralyzed and stil shaking so much I thought I was having a seizer I was screening for help because I could see little arrows over my mom and dad's heard just walking around. I try to movie I realize I can so I get up it was so hard It felt like I was being pulled down. And floated a little trying to walk to my dad and mom. But I wake up so scared and just walked away from the room like fuck it while the video was on. Btw I don't have seizers that's why I thought it was one because I don't know what it's like but all I felt was intense shaking. This was probably sp but why could I get up with such an effort? This was my first lucid dream with clarity for a year now I only had lucid dreams just doing what the dream told me to do. But I wasted this one not asking my sc how to get more lucid dreams. I don't even try to lucid dream anymore I just procrastinate instead. But When I ultimately woke up I did something in the dream that made me go wash my hands for no reason. But it felt all real Because I never knew what feeling things in a dream felt like. It felt kinda fake to touch things because it didn't feel like the way we feel things Irl. This happened hen I woke up from bed went to go watch some ipad movies and fell asleep not knowing. Probably because rem sleep stuff. This all happened in less than 15 minutes!

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