Weird Experience

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Weird Experience

Postby zebrafriek1 » 17 Feb 2012 23:05

Yesterday at roughly 11 pm i wanted to meditate. It probably wasnt the right time but anyway. I was sitting there focused on my breathing and examining my thoughts. Then, i felt paralyzed and i think it was sleep paralysis. It was truly amazing and i truly felt paralyzed. Then my eyelids twitched rapidly, my upper body felt like it was twisting, and i had twitches throughout my body. Then i commenced the 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming and so on and so forth. I opened my eyes and saw a black orb surrounded by yellow haze. I think that was hypnagogia imagery. Unfortunately, my inexperienced self got up at that time but when i got up it was like a feeling i had never felt before. Everything was hazy and it just was unique. This was sort of a WILD attempt but i think i want to truly try a wild tonight because i did this for 20-30 minutes and i think have the patience to attempt a WILD.My plan is to get 5-6 hours of sleep then do what i did previously. Focus on my breathing and examine my thoughts but dont explore them. Once i start experiencing things i will do the 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming or try to imagine my dream. Any advice would help on the wild attempt and i would like to know if you guys experience this too.

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