What happened here?

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What happened here?

Postby Nocturnal » 28 May 2011 05:22

I had several vivid dreams this morning. After about 2, I woke up and wrote them in my dream journal.

Later, I woke up to write another dream in my DJ, only to find nothing written in it. This means that I dreamed that I was writing in my DJ.

Has this happened to you?

It was kind of scary when I found this out, because I was convinced that I wrote in it before.

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Re: What happened here?

Postby Dreamsphere » 29 May 2011 04:39

Did you check all the pages? If you were holding it upside down, you would have written in the back instead of the front. When i write in mine, somtimes i am ha,f asleep, hah. My writting is also horribly messy in there.
I am an Engineering student, and have yet to experience a lucid dream. Currently on break, I am hoping to try and master the technique as it will give me some peace during the busy school year. Any advice or links are appreciated. Feel free to pm me.

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Re: What happened here?

Postby Rebecca » 29 May 2011 07:54

Sounds like a false awakening..... :D

They can seem VERY real at the time. They are a very crazy phenomenon. You could figure it out now by thinking back to writing in your dream journal - do you specifically remember writing the words? In some vivid dreams I feel like I'm reading stuff. But then when I wake up I can't visualize the words - so it must have been a jumble or blur of letters but my dreaming mind just THOUGHT I was reading/writing.

PS False awakenings are more common in lucid dreamers, they represent the clashing of consciousness with dreams. Don't worry though they are harmless and often lead to more lucid dreams!

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Re: What happened here?

Postby SKJ » 29 May 2011 20:37

The first night after I decided to write down my dreams, I had a similar dream:

First I woke up (in reality) an wrote "Woke up with a felling that I dream something. Can't remember anything" on paper (I didn't have a journal). Then I went to sleep and had a false awaking, where I wrote down a dream. When I had wrote down that dream, I saw that I had wrote something at the bottom of the page, and though that I it was some dream I had wrote down, but that I couldn't remember that I had wrote down. I ripped the paper to pieces, so I could arrange the dreams in chronological order!

When I woke up after this, I could remember the dream I wrote down in the false awakening (Could you also remember the dreams you dreamt you wrote down, Nocturnal?). I could not remember that I had had the dream, or that I wrote in down. I think I could only remember the dream because I read it in my false awakening. I didn't remember ripping the paper either, but I only remember seeing the paper before and afterwards, and knowing why I ripped it apart.

I'm wondering: Did I really dream the dream I dreamt I wrote down?! And does that question even make sense?

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Re: What happened here?

Postby Nocturnal » 29 May 2011 20:50

At the time, I could remember what I wrote down, but unfortunately I did not actually write it down, so I dont remember! (if that made any sense!)... thats interesting though!

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Re: What happened here?

Postby Jonathan » 01 Jun 2011 04:26

SKJ, it sounds like you had a confusing flurry of dreams about dreams! :lol:

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Re: What happened here?

Postby jake » 04 Jun 2011 02:25

wow, so it was a dream within a dream witch came after an other dream.... I think i need to watch inception again now.

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