Waking up during a reality check

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Waking up during a reality check

Postby Axalto » 31 Mar 2012 21:18

Last night I had my first deliberate lucid dream, I was starting to suspect it being a dream when a table suddenly disappeared while I wasn't looking at it. I did a reality check to be sure and my hands passed through each other. But before I could even pull my hands apart I woke up, does anyone know what happened and how to avoid it?
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Re: Waking up during a reality check

Postby LucidKey13 » 01 Apr 2012 01:02

This happens to me all the time - after I am lucid and want more clarity...since I'm quite new to lucid dreaming it could be because I don't have enough practice. You could try taking deep breathes and not getting overexcited. : )
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