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Why hello there

Postby Lexilowe » 22 Jun 2012 04:57

I just created my account yesterday, but I've actually been lurking this blog for awhile haha, there's some great information here.
I've been working on the MILD technique for only a couple days now, but I've been researching lucid dreaming for muuuuch longer. I've never had an actual lucid dream, there was one time when I was aware that I was dreaming, I couldn't control anything though and the dream was still really blurry.
I think my biggest struggle with lucid dreaming will be my dream recall. Not even that so much but even when I do remember my dreams fully, they're never vivid. I've never had a dream that hasn't dribbled out of my mind like water out of your palm an hour after I've woken up. I've been keeping a dream journal for the past couple weeks though, which has been a huge help in remembering, but not in clarity.
Anyway! That's just a little about me and my lucid dreaming experiences up until now. I hope I can improve with the help of this website and everyone on it:)

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