Did I have a lucid dream?

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Did I have a lucid dream?

Postby Foxy » 28 Jun 2012 11:37

Hi! I've known about lucid dreaming for a while now. Maybe the past 2 years? During my childhood, I used to have night mares around once a week. I really wanted this to stop, so I thought to myself, maybe next time I fall asleep and experience a nightmare, maybe I should just shut my eyes really really tight.

So, next time I had a nightmare, I was in a complete non-lucid state but I had the sudden urge to just shut my eyes very very tight. It worked and the scenery changed to something less frightening. Like playing in the park. I was not lucid during the entire dream but I just thought, maybe if I shut my eyes, the nightmare will go away. I just had that urge to do it. Ever since then, during my dreams, I knew I was in control of my surroundings, I could control everything, I can fly whenever I wanted to, I could change the scenery if I wanted to, but I did not know I was dreaming. I thought it was completely normal that I could control everything until I woke up and think, "Aww, it just a dream, I wish that was real." What sort of dreaming is this? It's not lucid dreaming right? Because even though I can control everything, I am not aware that I am dreaming. I think it's real life till I wake up.

Yesterday was the day that I stumbled along this website and discovered that you can be aware that you are dreaming. I was instantly interested and motivated to try this out. I tried a few reality checks that day and spent a few hours reading many many articles. That night when I fell asleep, I appeared in a dark room in my dream. The instant I was in that dark room, I knew I was dreaming. I don't know why but I just knew I was not awake, but dreaming. I was extremely excited. I then remember about reading an article about changing scenery during dreams. I click my fingers the scenery changed. I didn't have any control to what scenery to change it though. It just changed to a beach. It was the exact same beach that I saw here: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/how-to-maintain-dream-control.html

I read that article the day before. After arriving at the beach, I wake up. This entire dream lasted only a few seconds. Would this be considered a lucid dream?

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