What a Weird Experience In a Dream? Lucid??

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What a Weird Experience In a Dream? Lucid??

Postby Untouchable » 07 Aug 2012 14:03

Last night I was having a dream that I was in my room but it was different as it had a bunk bed, in which i was now sharing with my brother, and bathroom was in a different section. Turns out he was walking in and then got an emergency call from his job at Con Ed for an electrical outage situation. Now here is where it gets odd and I need feed back.

When he walked out a friend of mine that I have known for years was walking in but then I started going in and out of waking or I don't know what it was. I felt weird so I started doing in dream reality checks, the light switch (Wouldnt even turn on), finger thru my hand (Felt it and didn't go thru), screaming clarity now, and looking at my hands; nothing seemed to work as intended. For some reason his body kept appearing and disappearing like a ghost as he walked towards me. My reality checks didn't seem to get me into a lucid state as it is supposed to be vivid but then the dream felt real but not waking life real. In the end he appeared with a female in which we both engaged in "activity" with her.

Then I started to awake further into my real waking life and I was saying WHEN I FALL BACK ASLEEP IT WILL BE A DREAM... to try to induce the lucid state but it brought me right back to the same scenario but no more vivid than what it was... then it shifted into an exploration type dream quest.

My question is wth is that all about and why after all the reality checks and all that that still I didn't lucid or why isn't my consciousness responding?

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