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Dreaming Life
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Dreaming Life » 21 Jan 2018 03:14

Actually, hotels are a theme in a lot of my dreams too. I never thought about that till just now, now that you mentioned it. I often dream that I secretly own the hotel. Or that I’m in a hotel, get annoyed by someone on the staff then buy the hotel and fire them.

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby LucidCat » 24 Jan 2018 21:19

Dream Journal Question:
Whenever I try to write down a really long and detailed dream I usually encounter the one problem: I remember separate scenes - and they seem to be kind of connected - but I can't seem to get them in a chronological order. Any tips on that?
Tell me briefly about your lucid dreaming journey :arrow:

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby inception03 » 09 Feb 2018 17:24

Hi there,
I first heard about lucid dreaming about a year ago, and started trying to have one myself. Since than I have experienced a couple of them, but never really made any progress. Every time I succeed in realizing that I'm dreaming, I either wake up or am unable to control them. Only once I made a door appear, which let to an empty room where I summoned a butterfly but that was pretty much it. I also tried rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream but I got distracted by what was happening in the dream and couldn't do anything. I also haven't been trying to have one very consistently but when I do, I usually succeed after a couple days.
So my question is, how do I actually control my dreams once I'm lucid? Hopefully someone can help me with this!
p.s. I hope my English isn't too bad, I'm pretty young and English isn't my first language. :D

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