Numb feelings in legs, beginning of Sleep paralysis?

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Numb feelings in legs, beginning of Sleep paralysis?

Postby parker c » 04 Aug 2011 13:17

So I am rather new to Lucid dreaming last night was the first night i decided to try and have recently been doing a lot of research on it, last night i meditated (beginner) for about 10-15 minutes trying to clear my head, once i was clear minded i felt very heavy especially in my arms but then my entire body started to feel the same, the sensation is hard to explain :/..once i felt it was the right time i started to lay legs began to feel extremely heavy, my left thigh kept twitching and same with my fingers, and felt like there was a pressure on them,it didn't feel as if they were my legs, my lower torso also felt heavy, (this happened last night) after i woke up, I don't really remeber anything besides when i woke up i immediatly thought "what did i dream" and a grass plane came to mind but that was it, (my dream i was trying to build did have to do with grass..paticularly world of warcraft :P) i came here to post..can anyone help explain this? Thank you in advance =)

EDIT: after browsing the forums after i posted this as soon as i registered, people seem to have similiar sensations and it being associated with SP?

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