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December 2014

Interstellar Inspired: Exploring The Fifth Dimension

How Interstellar inspired me to experience the fifth dimension in lucid dreams. A layman's poke at conceptualizing five dimensions in the dream space.

Cave Fire

In the dream, it is night time. I am part of a small tribe that lives in a cave system set in the mountains. By night it gets extremely cold and so we...

November 2014

Northern Lights

I'm half-asleep in bed, aware of fleeting dream images behind my closed eyelids. I start saying I'm dreaming in my head and shape the hypnagogia into...

Alien from The Deep

I'm not yet lucid, swimming in the sea. As I'm about to climb out onto some rocks, someone shouts: Oh no, bottom-biting sharks! Once they get you...

Bridge Climb / 360 Degree Vision

We are in a valley, with clear sky and sunshine and mountains everywhere. Beside the path is a large, current-less river and a massive bridge that...

Mother Nature / The Goddess

In my lucid dream, I'm standing in a stunning landscape of trees and fields that stretch to the horizon...

Meteor Shower in The Still of The Night

I am lucidly exploring a peaceful night-time environment with lights in the distance and the air warm around me...

Rebecca's Lucid Dreams

In this brand new section I'll share my digital paintings of my lucid dreams, along with excerpts from my dream journals.

How to Digitally Paint Your Lucid Dreams

As a lucid dreamer you have a rich source of surreal imagery and raw emotional expression. Learn how to digitally paint your lucid dreams on the iPad.

The Lucid Dreamer's Christmas Stocking

This Christmas, ask your friends and family to support your passion for lucid dreaming with these 10 gift ideas to inspire lucidity.

Lucidity App for Android

Lucidity is a new free Android app for lucid dreamers that supports innovative features to help you record and analyze your dreams.

How to Reframe Your Lucid Dreams

Reframing is one of the most potent mind hack techniques for lucid dreaming. An excerpt from Daniel Love's book Are You Dreaming?

October 2014

What is The Evidence for Dream Telepathy?

Inception had it sorted. But is there any basis dream telepathy in reality? Check out the experiments to date and how lucid dreamers can join in the study.

5 Ways to Become Lucid in Dreams

To help you access this untapped skill, I thought it would be helpful to define how I usually become lucid in dreams.

Is Astral Projection Real or a Type of Lucid Dream?

Astral projection is a spiritual theory of the out of body experience (OBE) - the ability to separate your awareness from your physical body. Is it for real, or just a type of lucid dream?

101 Ideas for Lucid Dreams

Stop humping unwitting dream characters and go on a REAL adventure. This is my first list of 101 lucid dream ideas. There may be more to follow.

How To Find The Best Mattress

Do you know how to find the best mattress for your budget? The market has become so huge, it's a challenge to know what to look for.

5 Myths About Lucid Dreaming

All too often, movies and books turn lucid dreaming into hellish personal nightmares. This is not at all representative of my adventures in lucidity.

4 Ways to Improve Your Reality Checks

When used correctly, reality checks are one of the easiest ways to have lucid dreams. And yet many people only understand half the story. Stefan Zugor explains.

How I Accidentally Started Having Lucid Dreams

Ashton Aiden describes how he spontaneously began having regular lucid dreams - without any intention nor practice of well-known lucidity techniques.

Ask The Experts #6: Asperger Syndrome and Dreams

Does Asperger Syndrome affect the way you sleep, dream - and even lucid dream? Today, Ask The Experts looks at the science of Asperger Syndrome and Dreams.

Why You've Been Doing Reality Checks Completely Wrong

Why don't you dream of doing reality checks every night? Are you sleepwalking through your days? Author Sean Kelly shares his secrets of reality checking.

The Article That Ignited My Passion for Lucid Dreaming

The fateful magazine article from Encounters (Issue 11, September 1996) that ignited my passion for lucid dreaming: Life is But a Dream by Chris Kenworthy.

12 Amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

It's a whole lot of fun to escape into a fantasy lucid dream world. Yet the real world benefits of lucid dreaming are truly stunning. Here are 12 of them.

What Ideal Bed Would You Buy if You Were Given $2,000 to Spend?

Take your time choosing what you want. It can be just the mattress and bed base, or you can include extras like mattress toppers and pillows. What would you choose?

Popular Lucid Dreaming Aids in 2014

New industries are emerging to support lucid dreaming. The following is a compilation of the most purchased lucidity aids on Amazon - by our community.

Tantra, Kundalini and The Cave of Power

Part 1: Sean Kelly shares how he hiked into the Himalayas to perform a tantric spiritual practice called Bhuta Shuddi (the cleansing of the five elements).

September 2014

Did a Near Death Experience Inspire Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

J Timothy Green highlights an intriguing link between Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the time-distorting Near Death Experience of his professor Albert Heim.

How to Meditate for Lucid Dreaming

Meditation means emptying the mind to achieve a focused state of awareness. With a few tweaks, it can be used to harness wake induced lucid dreams.

Lucid Dreaming in The Treatment of PTSD

Clinical psychologist J. Timothy Green emphasizes the power of lucid dreaming to provide a cure for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in children and adults alike.

The Alpha Brain Lucid Dream Experience

In this dream experiment, Marzena Bielecka reviews ONNIT's Alpha Brain nootropic supplement for greater mental clarity and lucid dreams.

A Guide to Lucid Dream Supplements

Mentor Palokaj describes the two classes of lucid dream supplements - from those that boost intensity and bizarreness, to those that increase memory and REM time.

August 2014

How Lucid Dreaming Kept Me from Losing My Mind

James Menta explains how he taught himself to lucid dream in high school - and how it kept him sane during the hardest years of his life.

How to Use Lucid Dreaming for Self Improvement

Alexsandar Atanasoski shares his technique of visualizing inside a lucid dream, in order to achieve targeted self improvement in waking life.

July 2014

17 Things I've Learned in 17 Years of Lucid Dreaming

In 17 years of lucid dreaming, I've learned a lot of profound, useful and surprising lessons about the nature of dreams and consciousness.

June 2014

How I Rediscovered an Ancient School of Lucid Dreaming

Viktória G Duda explains how she discovered Tibetan Dream Yoga and the idea that reality may not be what we think.

Interview with Dr Keith Hearne

Dr Keith Hearne, the British psychologist who created the first scientific proof of lucid dreaming, shares the wider extent of his dream research.

May 2014

Translating Dreams: The Western Origins of Lucid Dreams

Translating Dreams is a unique KickStarter project to translate the first Western book on lucid dreaming: Les Reves by Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys.

Lucid Dreams Triggered by Electrical Stimulation

An electrifying experiment has revealed a way to artificially induce lucid dreams as much as 77% of the time. Is this a silver bullet for lucid dreaming?

Who Really Coined The Term "Lucid Dream"?

Frederik van Eeden is often credited but it was actually Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys who first published the phrase "rêve lucide" some 46 years prior. So why is history skewed?

April 2014

Lucid Dreaming Day: April 12th

Celebrate the annual Lucid Dreaming Day on April 12, marking the day when Keith Hearne first scientifically verified the existence of lucid dreams in 1975.

March 2014

10 Dreams That Changed The Course of History

Here are 10 remarkable dreams of scientists, writers, musicians, mathematicians and inventors who subsequently changed the course of human history.

February 2014

My Most Memorable Out of Body Experience by Adam Palmer

Adam Palmer recounts one of his most memorable out of body experiences, which he describes as being more real than waking reality.

January 2014

Do You Make These 3 Crippling Lucid Dreaming Mistakes?

Sean Kelly of Lucid Academy hits us with 3 crippling lucid dreaming mistakes that prevents most beginners ever getting a taste of their first lucid dream.

Ask The Experts #5: Dream Healing

In Ask The Experts, lucid dreaming authors Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner candidly answer your lucid dreaming questions on demand. Today: Dream Healing.

Interview with Bill Murphy, Creator of DreamNET

An interview with Bill Murphy, creator of DreamNET: a lucid dreaming headband which detects not just REM sleep, but when you're inside a lucid dream.

How to Have More Lucid Dreams with Prospective Memory

Why do some find lucid dreaming easier than others? It may be down to prospective memory - the forward-thinking ability to remember set goals in dreams.

Ask The Experts #4: Sleep Paralysis

In Ask The Experts, lucid dreaming authors Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner candidly answer your lucid dreaming questions on demand. Today: Sleep Paralysis.

You Are The Big Bang (Alan Watts)

"...You're not something that is a sort of puppet on the end of the process. You are still the process. You are the big bang."

Why Don't My Reality Checks Work?

"My dreams have been on and off. I have a dream journal but haven't found many dream signs. I don't always have memory of dreams, but sometimes it's hard..."

7 New Year's Resolutions for Lucid Dreamers

What's your New Year's resolution for 2014? I asked some of the world's lucid dream experts with their personal New Year's resolutions for lucid dreaming.

December 2013

The Phase State

Arlindo Batista's tutorial on entering The Phase State - a distinct state of consciousness encompassing lucid dreams, out of body phenomena and more.

Ask The Experts #3: Dream Time

In Ask The Experts, lucid dreaming authors Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner candidly answer your lucid dreaming questions on demand. Today: Dream Time.

Interview with Dylan Howard on King Of Oneiros

An interview with Dylan Howard, the Writer and Director of the film King Of Oneiros: a love story that takes place within a stunning lucid dream world.

How to Movie Dream by Samuel Eger

It was late. I decided to turn in for the night, so I turned off all the lights. I don't ever normally do this, but that night I decided to watch...

Reader Articles

A brand new platform for you, dear reader, to read others and share your own finest lucid dreaming insights, tutorials, philosophies, opinions and more.

How To Free Your Mind in Lucid Dreams: The Jump Program

Remember this scene in The Matrix? In the Jump program, Morpheus teaches Neo how to free his mind. The lucid dreamworld, too, demands this kind of mental reconditioning.

Ask The Experts #2: Dream Characters

In Ask The Experts, lucid dreaming authors Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner candidly answer your lucid dreaming questions on demand. Today: Dream Characters.

Top 10 Sleep Gadgets and Apps

Check out the top 10 best-selling, most intriguing, and downright weirdest gadgets to keep by your bedside for better quality sleep and dreams.

Ask The Experts #1: Invention

In Ask The Experts, lucid dreaming authors Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner candidly answer your lucid dreaming questions on demand. Today: Invention.

November 2013

Submit an Article

How to submit an article to World of Lucid Dreaming and share your research, opinions and experiences with millions of other dreamers.

Lucid Dreaming and The Critical Mind

Daniel Love explains the importance of a critical mind - and why conformity hinders our individual journey of lucid dreaming.

Are You Dreaming? By Daniel Love: A Book Review

In Are You Dreaming? Daniel Love treats us to a modern and comprehensive analysis of the lucid dreaming landscape.

Synesthesia and Dreams

A look at synesthesia - the ability to see music, taste words and touch time - and how this perceptual anomaly transfers to our dreams and lucid dreams.

10 More Lucid Dreaming Movies to Stimulate Your Night Life

Here are 10 more fantastical movies that mimic the qualities - both visually and logically - of the simulated lucid dream world.

October 2013

Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B Review

My Tranquil Turtle review: detailing Cloud B's soothing new ocean night light that won the 2013 Infant/Toddler Toy of The Year Award (and why grown-ups are allowed to play with this toy too).


SHADOW is an iOS app that will help you record and remember your dreams. It will also create the world's biggest dream database for wide-scale analysis.

Charlie Morley on Dreams of Awakening

Charlie Morley discusses his new book, Dreams of Awakening, offering a Tibetan Buddhist approach to the mainstream community of Western lucid dreamers.

How to Overcome a Lucid Dreaming Dry Spell

There is one prerequisite for becoming an intrepid dream explorer - an abundance of lucid dreams. But what if you're having a lucid dreaming dry spell?

Ask The Experts: Your Lucid Dreaming Questions Answered

Ask The Experts is a new feature in which lucid dreaming authors Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner candidly answer your lucidity questions on demand.

September 2013

CanLucidDream: Script Your Dreams with Text-to-Speech

CanLucidDream is a free app to induce pre-scripted lucid dreams. Customize and share your own dream scripts with Text-to-Speech and audio sound effects.

Real Life Zombies: Can Consciousness Be Controlled?

Thriving in tropical rainforests is a parasitic fungus that creates real life zombie ants. Can humans fall victim? Can consciousness be controlled by parasites?

August 2013

How I Dealt with Night Terrors

I was 23 when I began to have night terrors. These are not merely bad dreams but hallucinations that arise on waking suddenly from a deep, dreamless sleep.

Lucid Dreamer App

Lucid Dreamer is an Android app with more than 50,000 downloads, designed to trigger lucid dreaming through brainwave entrainment sounds.

The DreamCatcher Project

The DreamCatcher Project is a speech-to-text dream journal app for iOS, enabling you to quickly record your dreams and thereby improve your ability to lucid dream.

Louis Dyer Interview

An interview with Louis Dyer - a visionary artist and illustrator inspired by his lucid dreams, astral projections and meditation experiences.

July 2013

10 Steps to Lucid Dreams My new tutorial-based Android app, 10 Steps to Lucid Dreams. Download now at the Google Play Store.

Gateways of The Mind 2013

Gateways Of The Mind 2013 is on Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences, to be held in London on 9-10th November 2013.

How to Have Amazing Lucid Dreams

Dreams are a healthy biological function. So is conscious awareness. So what happens when you combine these states? The amazing ability have LUCID DREAMS.

The Man Who Thinks He's Dead

The remarkable story of Graham, a sufferer of Cotard's Syndrome, who woke up one day thinking he was he was dead... PET scans of his brain showed he wasn't far off.

Psychological Healing in Lucid Dreams

Do you suffer from any phobias? PTSD? Chronic anxiety? Then lucid dreams may help you. Robert Waggoner cites compelling cases of psychological healing in lucid dreams.

June 2013

Ever Dream This Man?

Every night throughout the world hundreds of people dream about this face. What about you..?

How to Improve Your Self Awareness

To be habitually self aware in waking life means to be more self aware in your dreams... and when you determine your world isn't real, you become lucid.

Awakening Within The Dream Webinar

The advanced lucid dreamer and author Robert Waggoner is running a live webinar titled Awakening Within The Dream, starting July 1, 2013.

April 2013

How to Play Back Your Dreams

Some incredible new research using fMRI is paving the way to literally record and play back your dreams - and lucid dreams - just like movies. Find how out it works here.

10 Animals with Self-Awareness

The human mind is very special, but it's not unique in its capacity for self-awareness. Here are 10 animals with self-awareness, proved by the mirror test.

March 2013

Lucid Dream Ultimate App

Lucid Dream Ultimate is an Android app with four lucid dream aids: reality check reminders, dream journal, brainwave entrainment and dream alarms.

The 61-Point Relaxation Technique

The 61-point relaxation technique primes you for any kind of wake-induced lucid dreaming technique (WILD, HIT, OBE). A fascinating way to enter dream land.

A History of Dream Research

Dream research has long fascinated civilized man - from ancient theories of souls adventuring out of body, to modern day psychoanalysis and fMRI scans.

Dream Induced Lucid Dreams (The DILD Method)

How to have Dream Induced Lucid Dreams (DILDs). Simple lucid dreaming techniques for beginners to create spontaneous conscious dreams.

The Remee Review The Remee made a considerable splash in 2012 as a next generation lucid dream mask - but has it lived up to all the media excitement?

February 2013

How Do I Avoid Sleep Paralysis? "I want to start lucid dreaming but I have heard that it can cause sleep paralysis. I am so terrified of this happening! How do I avoid sleep paralysis?"

Lucid Dreaming Apps An overview of the many lucid dreaming apps for iPhone and Android. Written by the app creators themselves: how they work to improve your lucid dream life.

January 2013

How to Have Flying Dreams Many beginners want to have flying dreams - but flying isn't always so intuitive. Here's how to soar like a superhero on your lucid quest.

The Science of Sleep Sleep was long considered just a block of time when your brain and body shut down. Thanks to sleep research studies done over the past several decades, we now know much more...

How to Control Your Dreams An introductory infographic summarizing the science of lucid dreaming and how to get started as a beginner.

December 2012

Daniel Love Interview An interview with Daniel Love, creator of the Cycle Adjustment Technique, author of Are You Dreaming? and consultant to the upcoming show Anamnesis.

Lucid Dreamscapes Often when I'm lucid, I exit the dreamscene and find somewhere new to explore. I summon up scenes of nature and teleport myself to new lucid dreamscapes.

November 2012

How to Create Music in Lucid Dreams Pete Casale describes how he created the original song Lucid inside a lucid dream, then remembered and replicated it digitally in the waking world.

October 2012

Sleep Paralysis Visions Ryan Hurd elucidates the sleep paralysis condition - and poses it as a gateway to lucid dreams and OBEs.

September 2012

Dream Art Gallery A selection of reader-submitted dream art, inspired by lucid and non-lucid dreams. Submit your own dream art at our lucid dreaming forum!

15 Foods That Enhance Your Dreams Discover 15 foods that will enhance and intensify your dreams, to boost your dream recall and aid spontaneous lucidity.

Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dreams (DEILD) How to have DEILDs, the effortless lucid dreaming technique to slip into a consciously controlled dream at night. Also known as dream chaining or dream re-entry.

August 2012

Charlie Morley Interview An interview with Charlie Morley, a holistic lucid dreaming teacher bringing together Western science with Tibetan Buddhist lucid dream practices.

What's The Difference Between Lucid Dreaming and Day Dreaming? "After all, a lucid dreamer knows what they are dreaming and that they are dreaming, so wouldn't that mean they are awake, just day dreaming?"

July 2012

Am I Crazy? My Dream Was So Real! "I dreamed I was alone in bed. Then, this person crawled into bed with me. I was shocked. All she was wearing were panties. I knew it was not a lucid..."

Are Alien Abductions Real? New dream research shows these hallucinogenic nightmares may stem from sleep paralysis and even dark lucid dreams...

Gateways Of The Mind Conference 2012 Details of the Gateways Of The Mind conference: an exploration of lucid dreaming and out of body experiences, to be held in London on 3-4th November 2012.

Can You Modify Your Body in a Lucid Dream? "Is it possible to have wings and a tail in lucid dreams, as in body modification?"

June 2012

The Four Types of Dream Signs That Will Help You Become Lucid How to recognize surreal dream signs and use them to trigger conscious lucidity in dreams. With details of LaBerge's original Dream Sign Inventory.

May 2012

The Simulation Argument Nick Bostrom's Simulation Argument is a probabilistic theory that states we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation created by future humans.

Which Is Better - MILD or WILD? "Which technique do you think is more effective in inducing lucid dreaming, MILD or WILD?"

Isochronic Tones A guide to isochronic tones for dissociative meditation and lucid dreams. What makes the best isochronic tones? What do they sound like?

Pregnancy Dreams Dreams during pregnancy can be highly emotional and meaningful - from fears about your changing body, to giving birth, to predicting the sex of the baby.

April 2012

Lucid Dreaming MP3s Check out my favorite brainwave entrainment MP3s designed for lucid dreaming, which you can use for night-time meditation, DILD and WILD lucid dreams.

Is Free Will an Illusion? Is free will an illusion? Comparing Determinism, Compatibilism and Libertarianism as theories of free will in this contentious issue of philosophy.

How To Visualize How to visualize your way to a Wake Induced Lucid Dream or guided meditation. It's blissfully relaxing - and can even program your non-lucid dream content.

What Is The Self? What is the self? Do I have a soul? Am I just a series of biological processes? Comparing bundle theory vs ego theory and their implications for the self.

The Human Mind What is consciousness? Do souls exist? Is free will an illusion? What is reality? Are we living in a dream world? A new section dedicated to the human mind.

Why Are There So Many Misconceptions About Lucid Dreaming? "I've gotten my fair share of weird looks when I tell people I'm into lucid dreaming. Have you ever had anyone react negatively or oddly? If so, why?"

March 2012

Interview with Peter Maich A lifelong lucid dreamer, this interview with Peter Maich covers his experiences of lucid energy/light, the conceptual void of the dream world and taking Galantamine supplements.

Out of Body Experiences Out of body experiences (OBEs or OOBEs) involve the vivid sensation of moving outside your physical body and sometimes traveling far beyond it.

Why Am I Being Jolted Awake? "When trying to WILD, sometimes I keep feeling myself jolt back to alertness, much like if I were sitting in some boring lecture..."

Is This Lucidity? "A couple of days ago I think I had a lucid dream. I could remember it very vividly and all but it felt like I was just going through the motions..."

How To Maintain Dream Control (And Why You Sometimes Shouldn't) Three ways to maintain dream control when you start to lose lucidity. Plus, why dream control isn't always what your unconscious dreaming self wants most...

February 2012

How Do I Lucid Dream Without Consciously Controlling It? "What suggestions do you have for lucid dreaming without actually taking conscious control of the dream?"

The DreamZ App Review DreamZ is a revolutionary new lucid dream app that helps you to recognize when you are dreaming and control your dreams. Available in the iPhone App Store.

January 2012

Is Lucid Dreaming Addictive? "Is lucid dreaming addictive? I really want to have lucid dreams but I read that lucid dreaming is really addictive and this worries me..."

What Do Lucid Dreams Feel Like? What do lucid dreams feel like when you're in them? Magical? Intense? Spooky? A breakdown of the physical, mental and emotional experience of lucid dreams.

Lucid Immersion Blueprint Review My review of The Lucid Immersion Blueprint by Ryan Hurd, teaching a holistic approach to lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly: A Workshop with Robert Waggoner A four-week online workshop in lucid dreaming and lucid living, hosted by renowned dream author, Robert Waggoner. Runs Feb 4 - Mar 4, 2012.

Is a Spinning Top a Good Reality Check? In the movie Inception, a spinning top was used as a reality check. Does that apply in real life lucid dreams?

December 2011

Rebecca Turner Interview My experiences in lucid dreaming and advice for beginners. I created this in response to a large number of interview requests from students keen to learn more about the nature of lucidity.

Lucid Dreaming App: Singularity Experience Singularity Experience is a lucid dreaming app for the iPhone that aids lucid dream re-entry (a classic DEILD technique for having lucid dreams on demand).

November 2011

30 Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings A fascinating list of 30 common dream symbols and their meanings. Unravel the unconscious symbols of your dreams and find clarity in waking life.

The Stages of Sleep - An illustration of the five stages of sleep and how they relate to lucid dreaming. Including the best time to lucid dream and how to make your dreams last longer.

Scientists Measure Dream Content European scientists have begun to translate brain signals which reveal the content of your dreams. Could you one day record and playback your lucid dreams?

Characteristics of Dreams The five common characteristics of dreams, defined by dream researcher J Allan Hobson. Plus, Hobson's biological theory of dreams and their real meanings.

October 2011

How To Create Dream Characters These six ways of summoning new characters will help you understand the nature of dream control.

Lucid Dreaming Newsletter Grab my lucid dreaming newsletter, sent about once a month, with bonus tutorials, feature articles and expert insights to take your lucid dreams to the next level. Completely free along with my popular e-course, 10 Steps to Lucid Dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Myths in Inception Exploring the mythology of Inception; how Chris Nolan created lucid dreaming myths to fuel a fascinating fictitious romp through the conscious dream world.

Can You Confuse Lucid Dreams with Reality? If what you see, hear and feel in a lucid dream is the same as waking reality, how do you know you're dreaming? Can you confuse lucid dreams with reality?

September 2011

50 Dream Quotes - Dream quotes to help define and dismantle the curious world of dreams and their ultimate unconscious meaning...

10 Mistakes Made by Beginner Lucid Dreamers - Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when lucid dreaming - and how to resolve them. From increasing lucidity, to dream sex, to reaching the inner self.

What Do Blind People Dream About? What do blind people dream about? A look at the latest studies into the dreams of blind people, colorblind people, and black-and-white dreamers.

Paranormality: A Book Review In Paranormality, Professor Richard Wiseman uses his knowledge of psychology and stage show magic to debunk paranormal myths - from ghosts to mind control.

August 2011

Lucid Dreaming Interviews This section contains exclusive lucid dreaming interviews with experts in the exciting realm of sleep and dream phenomena.

Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly: A Workshop with Robert Waggoner A four-week online workshop in lucid dreaming and lucid living, hosted by renowned dream author, Robert Waggoner. Workshop runs Sept 10 - Oct 8, 2011.

Does Jet Lag Affect Lucid Dreaming? How jet lag and sleep deprivation may actually improve your ability to have lucid dreams - and how to exploit these principles without actually losing very much sleep.

Launch of The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track My lucid dreaming online study program for beginners and beyond. Includes 30 step-by-step lessons in lucid dream induction and exploration plus audio tools.

PsiberDreaming Conference 2011 Details of the annual PsiberDreaming Conference 2011, an online lucid dreaming workshop run by the International Association for the Study of Dream (IASD).

June 2011

Are Lucid Dreams Tiring? "Can you lose energy in a dream, lucid or not? My sister says that I would wake up tired! Because when you sleep your mind and body relax and recharge..."

How To Think Creatively Creative thinking is what separates humans from all other animals. Discover how to tap into your own creative free flow of ideas and change your world.

May 2011

How to Have Lucid Flying Dreams Ever wanted to master flying in your lucid dreams? Here's your step-by-step flight training - from bouncing in meadows to rocketing through outer space!

How to Induce OBEs and Lucid Dreams Guest writer Karen from The Travels of a Dream Walker explains how to induce OBEs and lucid dreams with her powerful, customized OBE induction technique for beginners.

April 2011

Organic Bedroom Product Reviews (Guest Article) Improve your sleeping environment and your health with organic bedroom products. Reviews include: the best organic mattress, organic pillows and organic bed sheets.

Launch of Lucid Dreaming Forum

Today we launch our World of Lucid Dreaming Forum - an online community dedicated to the discussion of lucid dreams and out of body phenomena.

52 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams A complete list of 52 ways to have lucid dreams - based on visualization, memory, supplements, sleep cycles and more methods than you can shake a stick at.

The Mirror Experiment What happens when you look at your reflection in a lucid dream mirror... And how to use dream mirrors as portals to alternate dimensions.

March 2011

Famous Lucid Dreamers Top 10 famous lucid dreamers - from directors (James Cameron, Chris Nolan) to scientists (Nikola Tesla, Richard Feynman) and how lucid dream inspired them.

Lucid Dream Art A collection of lucid dream art: digital fantasy art by Jeremiah Morelli to inspire lucid dreams. Featuring instrumental music by Pete Casale.

Exploring Your Hypnagogia What is hypnagogia? How to consciously induce the hypnagogic state to have lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

The Edge of The Universe What is at the edge of the universe? (Hint: it's not a restaurant.) This article explores how cosmologists calculate the shape, weight and make-up of the universe.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Lucid Dreaming A list of 10 remarkable things you never knew about lucid dreaming, the act of being conscious within dreams. From dream sex to theories of consciousness.

February 2011

9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Lucid Dream Here are 9 reasons why everyone should lucid dream. These are profound benefits that reach all of us, no matter what our culture, beliefs or circumstances.

How to Remember Your Dreams To lucid dream, you must learn how to remember your dreams. This increases your self-awareness in dreams and improves your dream recall when lucid.

December 2010

Dream Control: How to Consciously Guide Your Dreams at Will The art of dream control is much more than recognizing when you are dreaming. This section reveals the best ways to actively control your lucid dreams.

Lucid Dream Challenges My top 5 challenges for beginners: have flying dreams, taste delicious foods, run through walls, go star-gazing and talk to your unconscious in your next guided dream.

Setting a Lucid Dream Intention Setting a lucid dream intention means consciously planning an objective to fulfill to make your lucid dreams more rewarding. Find inspiration here...

November 2010

Lucid Dreaming Sex: Exploring The Erotic Side of Lucid Dreams Many people want to have lucid dreaming sex... but can beginners have erotic dreams? And is it ethical to pursue sexual fantasies while lucid dreaming?

October 2010

Is Lucid Dreaming Real? Has lucid dreaming ever been scientifically proven? A guide to the true nature of lucid dreams and conscious dream control.

How To Find A Good Mattress (Guest Article) The market has become so huge, it's a real challenge to know what to look for in the best mattress. Here are some tips to help you identify the ideal mattress to suit your body.

September 2010

Why Can't I See Hypnogogic Imagery? I have been trying the WILD technique for days now and every time I am able to completely relax my entire body...

August 2010

How to Master Lucid Dreaming... Inception Style Learn how to master lucid dreaming, Inception style! Program your unconscious mind to lucid dream with brainwave entrainment and The Lucid Dreaming MP3.

July 2010

10 Things I Like About Inception The high profile lucid dream explorer, Robert Waggoner, describes the top 10 things he likes about Christopher Nolan's new lucid dreaming movie: Inception.

Inception Review: The Dream is Real A review of Inception, a lucid dreaming movie starring Leo DiCaprio and delving into the world of unconscious realities and the mystery of consciousness.

June 2010

Subliminal Lucid Dreaming Video Our subliminal lucid dreaming video uses subliminal messages, NLP techniques and light hypnosis to program your unconscious mind for a lucid dream tonight...

Lucid Dreaming Videos Our animated lucid dreaming videos including a beginner's guide to lucidity; a subliminal induction; and lucid dream inspiration.

Does Fish Oil Induce Lucid Dreams? Recently I've been reading about the connection between fish oil supplements and dream vividness and recall. I've started my own experimentation...

Inception Movie: Is Lucid Dreaming Telepathy Really Possible? Inception is a sci-fi movie about lucid dreaming telepathy and the link between dreams and reality. Is dream telepathy real? Robert Waggoner reveals more

May 2010

Does Eating Cheese Give You Nightmares? According to a study by The British Cheese Board, different cheeses can give you different types of dreams...

How Do I Create Dream Characters? Do you try to conjure up familiar faces, only for them to appear blurry and passive? Here's how to create and interact with dream characters, often with surprising results.

Do Video Games Improve Your Ability to Lucid Dream? Are first-person perspective video games a reliable trigger for lucid dreaming? Find out how realistic computer games induce nightmares and lucid dreams.

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April 2010

The Best Sleep Posture for Lucid Dreaming Take a look at the best sleep postures for lucid dreaming, from fetal to lying on your back. With tips for both spontaneous and Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.

James Cameron Explains How Lucid Dreams Influenced Avatar "I've kind of realized that what I was trying to do was create dream imagery, create a lucid dream state while you're watching the film..."

Sleep Paralysis Kit by Ryan Hurd This is my review of a breakthrough new course on sleep paralysis nightmares and how to turn them into incredible lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

March 2010

Do Babies Dream? Do babies dream? If so, what do they dream about? Dr Charles P Pollack of the Sleep Center for Medicine tells us what science knows of newborn baby dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements Buy lucid dreaming supplements online - like Galantamine, Choline and Calea Z - to naturally induce high level lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

February 2010

How to Have Your First Lucid Dream When you first start lucid dreaming, achieving that first lucid dream can be a nightmare! Here are my top tips for having your debut lucid encounter.

January 2010

Is Avatar a Jaunt in a Lucid Dream Fantasy World? This is how James Cameron's Avatar threw me back into a lucid dream world, where fantasy meets reality, complete with amazing visuals that emulate the lucid dreamscape.

December 2009

Lucid: A New Play by Diamante Showing in Chicago Illinois Lucid is a new play by Diamante exploring the mystery and enticement of lucid dreams and their potential to transform, enrich and empower our waking life.

How to Make a Dream Pillow - for Relaxation and Lucid Dreams How to make a dream pillow to diffuse the scents of aromatherapy and essential oils. Scent pillows are ideal for inducing deep relaxation and lucid dreams.

Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams Can lucid dreams be used to heal the body? Take a look at Robert Waggoner's fascinating lucid dream research - revealing this potentially powerful new aspect of lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming ebooks by World of Lucid Dreaming Top quality lucid dreaming ebooks for beginners. Concise reviews and comparisons of all the lucid dreaming ebooks currently on the market.

November 2009

Lucid Dreaming in The News Find the latest lucid dreaming news, sleep and dream research, and related news stories. Submit your news here and catch up with the latest.

What is Lucid Dreaming? A Quick Start Guide to Lucid Dreams What is lucid dreaming? Who discovered lucid dreams and can anyone have them? Welcome to my guide to lucid dreams - a rundown for beginners.

October 2009

Lucid Nightmares What are lucid nightmares and what causes them? How are they different from lucid dreams or regular nightmares?

Wake Up! Exploring The Potential of Lucid Dreaming DVD Documentary Wake Up! A lucid dreaming DVD exploring the potential of lucid dreams - focusing on creative expression, psychotherapeutic healing and spiritual growth.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule - Dr Rick Strassman's DMT Research What is DMT and its role in human consciousness? A look at the bizarre psychedelic drug known as The Spirit Molecule that induces surreal NDEs.

September 2009

Lucidity by LucasArts - A New XBox Live and PC Game for Lucid Dreamers Lucidity is a brand new XBox Live and PC game by LucasArts for lucid dreaming fans and puzzle lovers everywhere. Enter Sofi's dreamscape.

How to Optimize Your Brain Chemistry for More Lucid Dreams In this Lucidology 101 article you'll learn to optimize your brain chemistry for more lucid dreams and use the sun to avoid the biggest mistake in OBEs.

New Lucid Dream Research Supports Brainwave Entrainment Theory A German study has proven a link between lucid dreaming and GAMMA band brainwave entrainment - confirming a new state of consciousness exists.

How to Have Lucid Dreams with Subliminal Messages Discover how to have lucid dreams with subliminal message albums - a scientific method of programming the unconscious mind with new behaviors.

August 2009

Top 5 Sleep Masks for Lucid Dreaming and Meditation A sleep mask is an important lucidity aid to have handy in your bedroom. So here are my top 5 recommended sleep masks for lucid dreaming and meditation.

July 2009

How To Relax Fast, Fall Asleep Quickly and Induce Lucid Dreams In this Lucidology 101 article you'll learn how to relax fast, eliminate jaw tension and fall asleep quickly for lucid dreams and OBEs on demand

Five New Sleep Commands to Induce Lucid Dreams Lucidology has five new sleep commands to trigger lucid dreams. From sleep breathing to eye micromovements - end insomnia and have lucid dreams tonight.

Lucid Dream Tricks: The "Stop, Drop & Roll" Sleep Command Learn about the "stop, drop & roll" sleep command to fall asleep quickly into sleep paralysis. New lucid dream tricks by Nick Newport of Lucidology.

June 2009

Waking Sleep Paralysis: The Holy Grail of Lucid Dreaming New to lucid dreams and OBEs? Why waking sleep paralysis is the "Lucid Dream Holy Grail" - it puts you in a unconscious focus without any visualizations.

The Man Who Never Slept The story of Michael Corke of the BBC TV documentary, The Man Who Never Slept. Plus bizarre accounts of total insomnia following fever from John Alan Jordan and the famous Vietnamese farmer, Ngoc Thai, who has not slept for 33 years.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements Discover the power of lucid dreaming supplements like Galantamine and Choline. Naturally improve dream recall, intensity and awareness for lucid dreams.

May 2009

The Sound Oasis S-650-1 Sleep Sound Therapy Review The Sound Oasis S-650-1 sound therapy machine features clinically proven in-built meditation music and relaxation sound effects for better sleep. Read my full review.

10 Things to Ask Your Lucid Dream Self A superb technique for interacting with your lucid dream self - or the awareness behind the dream. An advanced application, yet so easy to perform and yields amazing results.

Interview with Robert Waggoner An exclusive interview with Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, and President-Elect of the IASD.

How to Sleep Better: Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep Learn how to sleep better with these top 10 tips for getting more shuteye. Knock sleep deprivation on the head and get better sleep every night.

April 2009

Why Aren't We Always Lucid in Dreams? If becoming lucid in dreams is simply a case of recognizing the bizarre and illogical dream world, then why don't we all become lucid every night?

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries of The World My top 10 unexplained mysteries of the world - from paranormal phenomena at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, to super weird stuff happening in Area 51.

The Secrets To a Good Night's Sleep How to get a good night's sleep and improve your chances for lucid dreaming. Includes choosing the right mattress and the best sleep posture for lucidity.

The Five Types of Dreams That Induce Lucidity Discover the five types of dreams that will induce lucidity. Learn how to have lucid dreams and fulfill your greatest desires.

March 2009

The Erin Pavlina Interview An interview with Erin Pavlina, featuring her take on lucid dreaming, astral projection and precognitive dreams.

February 2009

What Will Happen in 2012? What will happen in 2012? Find out the truth behind Planet X, The Mayan Prophecy, Planetary Alignments, Solar Storms and Polar Shifts.

How To Do Guided Meditation Learn how to do guided meditation and increase your self awareness and visualization skills for lucid dreaming. Includes my top guided meditation CDs.

Essential Oils for Lucid Dreaming Discover essential oils for lucid dreaming like rose, sandalwood, helichrysum and patchouli. Also try the Aromatherapy Lucid Dreams Scent Inhaler.

Fatal Familial Insomnia: The FFI Sleep Disorder Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI): The Family That Couldn't Sleep. Discover the tragic fatal insomnia sleep disorder caused by genetic prion disease.

January 2009

How to Stop Night Terrors Stop night terrors in children and adults. Learn about the causes of sleep terrors and how to cure this sleep disorder of intense fear at night.

Wake Back To Bed: Lucid Dream with WBTB The Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) Method: an easy lucid dreaming technique for beginners. Have lucid dreams in a week by adapting your REM cycles.

Brainwave Entrainment for Lucid Dreaming Learn about the benefits of binaural beats and isochronic tones for meditation, and how this ultimately helps to program your brain for lucidity.

December 2008

The Lucidity Institute: Lucid Dreaming Workshops The Lucidity Institute workshops: details of the 2009 Dreaming and Awakening lucid dreaming workshops in Hawaii, presented by Dr Stephen LaBerge.

Dreams, Music & Mysticism (Guest Article) Discover the connection between dreams, music and mysticism. Access altered states of awareness and change your perceptions with music.

Dream Yoga: A Beginner's Guide Tibetan Dream Yoga and the ancient philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism. Explore new depths to lucid dreaming and get a taste of some dream yoga techniques.

The Hypnagogic State Explore the hypnagogic state for lucid dreams and out of body experiences. Observe and interact with your hypnagogic imagery and other forms of hypnagogia - from sounds to physical sensations and unconscious insights.

November 2008

Personal Development for Smart People: A Review A review of Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina; master of personal growth and avid fan of lucid dreams and consciousness. Download chapter one for free or buy the book now through Amazon.

Lucid Dream Inspiration New ideas for lucid dream inspiration. Learn how to bend the rules of conscious dreams using principles from The Matrix. Create new worlds like the planet makers in HitchHiker's Guide to The Galaxy. And travel like a phantom alien in Final Fantasy.

Bliss Coded Sound: The Golden Ratio in Meditation Distinct from brainwave entrainment, Bliss Coded Sound is a proprietary meditation technology that uses nature's ubiquitous Golden Ratio.

Easy Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner's Guide Introducing essential techniques for lucid dreams and out of body experiences, plus high-impact products like isochronic tones to explore altered states of consciousness.

October 2008

Lucidology Review - A look at Nick Newport's free video tutorial, How to Lucid Dream and Have Out of Body Experiences, by an experienced lucid dreamer.

The Meaning Behind Dreams Explore the meaning behind dreams with scientific dream analysis. Improve your dream recall and perform your own unique dream interpretation by translating the meaning of unconscious dream symbols.

Lucid Dream Explorers DVD: A Review A review of Lucid Dream Explorers; a short lucid dreaming documentary on DVD featuring interviews with Dr Stephen LaBerge, Dr Alan Wallace and Dr Fariba Bogzaran. Learn about Dream Yoga and how to follow your own hypnagogia into Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams.

Levels of Lucidity What are the different levels of lucidity in dreams? Learn how to train your conscious awareness to interact more successfully with the lucid dream world, and discover the ultimate goal of Tibetan Buddhism and Dream Yoga.

September 2008

Consciousness and Hypnagogia Consciousness and Hypnagogia: Dream Imageries, Reveries and the Development of a Relationship with the Unconscious Mind by Sirley Marques Bonham, PhD.

Music in Lucid Dreams Musical creativity: how to play music in lucid dreams. Learn how to play the piano, guitar, violin or any other musical instrument with more flexibility in the waking world, by expressing your unconscious creativity in dreams.

The Good Night DVD: A Review The Good Night Review by Dan Tea. What happens when you mix the fascinating concept of lucid dreaming with a comedy cast of Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg, Danny De Vito, Gwyneth Paltrow and lucidity fan Penelope Cruz?

The Lucid Dreaming Kit: A Review My review of Bradley Thompson's Lucid Dreaming Kit. Can it really give anyone their first lucid dream in 7 days flat?

Vanilla Sky DVD: A Review Read my Vanilla Sky review - starring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. A tale of lucid dreams, life, love, science and reality.

Dream Inspiration Great lucid dream ideas and inspiration, based on surreal movies and video games. Fly like Superman, warp The Matrix like Neo, and walk with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Get inspired for lucid dreams tonight.

August 2008

An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming An introduction to lucid dreaming: learn how to have lucid dreams, how to control your dreams and how to stay lucid. Your guide to alternate realities.

The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming The benefits of lucid dreaming. Enhance problem solving skills, face your fears and explore alternate realities - the benefits of conscious dreaming are limitless.

How to Have Lucid Dreams Here are my top lucid dreaming methods for dream control, from unconscious programming to meditation CDs. A rough guide for beginners.

How To Stay Lucid How to stay lucid: learn how to prolong lucid dreams and control your dreams with clarity. Easy lucid dreaming exercises and dream stabilizing techniques.

How To Control Your Dreams How to control your dreams with clarity. First-hand lucid dream research offering advice on how to lucid dream - the art of being awake in dreams.

Sleep Research: The Science of Sleep Sleep research and the science of sleep and dreaming. Learn about sleep deprivation, the human brain, dream interpretation and the unconscious mind.

A History of Sleep and Dreaming A history of sleep and dreaming: from Aristotle to Sigmund Freud. Includes the effects of sleep deprivation and the history of lucid dreaming.

Why Do We sleep? Why do we sleep? A guide to REM sleep cycles, the human brain, and key theories of sleep - vital background information for lucid dreaming.

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation See the physical effects of sleep deprivation, Guinness World Record attempts for staying awake, and the deadly sleep disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia.

Why Do We Dream? Why do we dream? Learn about Freud's dream analysis with the Id, Ego and Super Ego, plus modern theories of dreaming and dream research.

July 2008

An Introduction to Dream Interpretation Dream interpretation explores unconscious dream symbols, identified by Freud's free association. Start understanding your own dream symbols.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques Lucid dreaming techniques including a guide to reality checks, MILD, WILD, meditation and more. Control your dreams tonight.

Keeping a Dream Journal Keeping a dream journal: why this simple tool is vital for remembering and interpreting dreams - and most importantly, having lucid dreams.

Reality Checks for Spontaneous Lucid Dreams Use reality checks to increase your self awareness in conscious dreams. Learn lucid dreaming with reality tests and have lucid dreams tonight.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD): an easy lucid dreaming technique by Stephen LaBerge. Increase your self awareness and visualization skills.

Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD) Wake Induced Lucid Dreams: the WILD technique. Learn how to fall asleep consciously with hypnagogic imagery and wake up in your dreams.

Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT) Discover the Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT) developed by Daniel Love. This easy technique means you can learn how to lucid dream in a week.

Meditation for Lucid Dreaming Meditation for lucid dreaming: learn breathing and guided meditation techniques to improve your visualization skills and experience vivid lucid dreams.

Self Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming Discover self hypnosis for lucid dreaming. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and use the power of auto suggestion to control your dreams with clarity.

June 2008

Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming A closer look at binaural beats for lucid dreaming. How effective are binaural beats, what do they sound like, and how do they promote relaxation?

Calea Zacatechichi Discover Calea Zacatechichi for vivid dreams and expand your inner awareness tonight. Buy Calea Z dream herb online for meaningful dreams and inspiration.

May 2008

Lucid Dream Machines Buy lucid dream machines online... Check out my review of the NovaDreamer, REM Dreamer, Sleepsonic and Lucid Dreaming Kit and find links to buy online.

The NovaDreamer Lucid Dreaming Mask Review the features of the new NovaDreamer lucid dreaming mask by The Lucidity Institute and compare it to other lucid dream machines.

The REM Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Mask The REM Dreamer lucid dreaming mask: a review. Check out the features of the REM Dreamer lucid dream induction device and have lucid dreams on demand.

The Sleepsonic Pillow The Sleepsonic Pillow: a hi-tech speaker pillow for listening to brainwave entrainment during meditation and lucid dreaming practice.

Paranormal Activity Explore the scientific explanations of sleep and dream related paranormal activity - including astral projection, precognitive dreams, and living in a simulated reality.

Precognitive Dreams Are precognitive dreams real? Discover the nature of psychic dreams including the odds of predicting disasters to the role of unconscious intuition.

Mutual Dreaming Mutual dreaming is the act of two or more people sharing the same dream. Amazingly, some lucid dreamers claim they can co-ordinate and plan to meet in their shared dreams.

What is Reality? What is reality? Learn about human perception, breakthroughs in quantum theory, lucid dream realities and the Computer Simulation Argument.

April 2008

Common Sleep Disorders Explore sleep disorders - their causes and cures. See how lucid dreaming may be able to help you in false awakenings, nightmares and sleep paralysis.

False Awakenings Explore the bizarre nature of false awakenings, or the dream-within-a-dream, and the close relationship with lucid dreams.

Escaping From Nightmares Escaping from nightmares with lucid dreaming - learn the meaning of nightmares, how to stop nightmares and face your fears with the power of lucid dreams.

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis Stop sleep paralysis tonight. Cure this sleep disorder by overcoming your fear - or use it as a stepping stone to lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

Sleepwalking and Sleep Talking Explore sleepwalking, sleep talking and other parasomnias. Is sleepwalking murder real? Read about the case of Kenneth Parks' automatism trial.

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