Why Do Some People Master Lucid Dreaming While Others Sleep Through The Fog?

Rebecca Turner's Lucid Dreaming Fast Track"This is the story of how I began lucid dreaming as an inquisitive 14-year-old - and how this simple change in mindset unlocked wild escapism, creativity and profound personal insights."

~ Rebecca Turner, Creator, World of Lucid Dreaming

The Lucid Dreaming Fast TrackAre you desperate to have your first lucid dream?

Have you tried to lucid dream in the past and failed?

Then I have good news... You've just discovered the bestselling lucid dreaming course on the web - based on inducing countless extraordinary lucid dreams of my own.

The techniques described here:

  • Produced my first lucid dreams at 14 years old
  • Creates a proven strategy from intuitive habits
  • Guarantees lucid dreaming - or your money back


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What Do My Readers Say?

"I loved your book and had a lucid dream 3 days after reading."

~ Tonya Findley

"I owe my first lucid dream to this book where I flew, smashed bad guys, and even received life-changing information from my subconscious.

I had four separate dreamscapes within one single night of dreaming. Each was filled with its own unique landscape, beauty, and purpose.

It was an amazing journey, and I can't wait to do it more."

~ Fred Tracy


Tim Post"A wonderfully condensed e-book that concerns not just the topic of lucid dreaming, but its complete landscape."

~ Tim Post, author of Lucidipedia.com


"Since I got your book, I had my first lucid dream within a month. And I've got to tell you, I'm one of the worst candidates for learning - I'm a night-shift worker who gets less than 4.5 hours average sleep."

~ Malcolm Kelly


Marlon Doll, Founder of Humorcials"I read dozens of articles about lucid dreaming. I learned of the amazing potential to be conscious in the dream world, but also able to control it with the only limits being my imagination. But it wasn't until I read your ebook that I had my first lucid dream. I got to fight dragons! It was short but amazing. I've since gotten better at controlling them, so thank-you very much."

~ Marlon Doll


"It really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that can arise... your work is much appreciated."

~ Anthony Rawlings


Justin Mazza"I was a little timid at first trying to have a lucid dream because I didn't know what to expect... I actually found it to be a fun experience and can't wait to do it again."

~ Justin Mazza



Are You Wasting The Opportunity to Lucid Dream?

Every night, most people go to sleep with no intention whatsoever to:

  • Create their dream plots and settings in advance

  • Feel the exhilarating freedom of flying through the sky

  • Meet and interact with their personal heroes

  • Summon dream figures and have sexual adventures

  • Travel in time and space to other inner dimensions

  • Discover a profound new personal meaning to life

  • Summon and converse with their inner selves

  • Practice and improve upon real life physical skills

  • Safely face and overcome fears and phobias

  • Process grief by reuniting with lost loved ones

  • Explore and maximize inner creative potential

  • Discover new worlds that lie beyond words


As one of the world's leading lucidity experts, Stephen LaBerge, PhD, once said:


Stephen LaBerge, PhD


"Everyone has, in theory, the capacity to learn to dream lucidly, because everyone dreams every night."

~ Stephen LaBerge, PhD, Founder, The Lucidity Institute


So why are most people squandering their natural, untapped ability to lucid dream?


Tell me if any of this sounds familiar...

  1. "Lucid dreaming is only for meditators and monks..."
  2. "Lucid dreaming isn't real, it's science-fiction..."
  3. "Lucid dreaming is too hard, I'll never figure it out..."



WRONG! These are all myths - propagated by misunderstanting and misinformation.

When it comes to exploring new and unchartered territories, there is often confusion and the truth becomes distored. So let's elucidate...


Here Are Some Lucid Dreaming Truths

  • Lucid Dreaming is for EveryoneLucid dreaming is for everyone - from 9 to 99-year-olds.

    Young children are able to teach themselves lucid dreaming using this intuitive method. Alzheimer's patients with severe cognitive issues have had lucid dreams while taking their memory meditation.

    Lesson 1: You already possess the natural potential to have lucid dreams.

  • Lucid Dreaming is Scientifically ProvenLucid dreaming was scientifically proven in 1975.

    Other scientific studies have further verified its existence with EEG (brainwave) and fMRI (blood flow) data. There is no question it's a real and definable state of consciousness.

    Lesson 2: Lucid dreaming is for real and is proven in the laboratory.

  • Lucid Dreaming is Knowing When You're DreamingLucid dreaming is the act of knowing when you're dreaming.

    Once you create the mindset to recognize when you're dreaming, you can have lucid dreams for life. I developed this mindset 17 years ago in my teens - and today, teaching it is my forte.

    Lesson 3: Lucid dreaming is an intuitive change in mindset.


What's the real reason most people sleep through the fog?

They haven't been able to split out the misinformation from the truth about lucid dreaming.

Those that have, however, have been rewarded with rich inner dream lives...


"I went into the bathroom. But when I saw the mirror, it kinda rippled. So I put my hand in it, and the glass became liquid and splashed on the floor. That's when I knew it was a dream!"

~ Ender_brine via the forums


"It is such an amazing thing to watch as complete blackness slowly gets lighter and a picture slowly starts to form, brighter and brighter, more detailed, more color, then depth, then reach-out-and-touch-me real!"

~ Lucidinthesky via the forums


"I'm a classical ballet dancer and I was dreaming (unconsciously) that I was a waitress at a restaurant and there was all this balcony seating and a little theater in the round area like a dance floor in the center. It was beautiful like a cathedral and very fancy.

During the dream at some point I figured out I was dreaming. I then turned all the people into musical instruments and dressed myself in a really cool outfit (think Cirque du Soliel) and went to the dance floor. I determined that every movement I made would control the instruments and sounds!!! And I could fly and turn and dance in any level of the air. I could also turn like 35 times in a row and leap up to the ceiling and fly during it. It was so beautiful and magical."

~ SaraM2261 via the forums


"I became lucid while dreaming I was in my house. I was very excited and decided to go outside and attempt to fly... I passed through a window without a scratch as if I were a ghost.

Outside it was warm, green and summer like even though this experience happened in January (it always seems to be summer in lucid dreams!) I then stretched my arms out and jumped into the air.

At first I only went off the ground a few feet and then floated back to the ground like a feather. It's hard to completely remove gravity from our subconscious. After a few more attempts I gained confidence and was soon soaring above the green trees of my neighborhood. Words cannot express the joy of this experience..."

~ Jkemeny via the forums



Lucid Dreaming is Natural and Has Profound Benefits for Us All

Rebecca TurnerLet me tell you a little more about how I teach this natural, learnable skill.

My name is Rebecca Turner. I'm a former journalist and an experienced lucid dreamer for the past 17 years.

Six years ago I decided to create the World of Lucid Dreaming, now one of the most visited lucid dreaming sites on the web.

Over the years, I've delivered structured lucidity tuition to more than 240,000 subscribers and some 7 million web visitors.

And I've received a heck of a lot of user feedback in the process.

It puts me in the unique position of being able to teach lucid dreaming via my home study course to anyone, anywhere in the world -- while fully understanding the mental hurdles which many people suffer.

In helping you overcome common beginner obstacles, you'll have lucid dreams much faster.

You won't give up. And you won't lose motivation. Soon, you'll be able to experience your fantasies, solve problems creatively, and talk with your inner self - all in the safety of your own virtual reality playground.


Lucid dreaming has incredible levels, many of which will be highly unique and personal to improving your life.


Are you ready to start exploring them all for yourself...?


"I plunged into the sea and my body undulated to the rhythm of its waves, and, like a dolphin, occasionally rising out of and falling back into the water. I appreciated not feeling wet and was enjoying myself so much that I wanted to share the experience with someone. Voila! Out of the blue appeared my wife surrounded by a serene environment. The sea was calm and the sky was blue and clear. I saw how the water reflected sunlight realistically and decided to excite my other senses by splashing and listening to the sound it produced...

...I took off like Superman towards the horizon and discovered something peculiar. I had literally reached the confines of that world in the form of a quirky, atmospheric barrier that can be best described like a vitreous corner of dense air as the meeting point for two intersecting, sky-blue walls and the vacuum below me. The environment was literally and masterly closed off in three dimensions. I parted this oddity with my hands as though the sky walls were curtains, and, in doing so, expanded the dreamscape."

~ Summerlander via the forums


"I'm in a giant bathroom with many basins. As I walk closer to the sinks I notice the big mirror, that's taking up the whole wall. I decide to use it as a portal but as I'm trying to stick my hand through it, my fingers hit solid glass. I remember reading Rebecca's experience when she had trouble doing the same thing...

So I try something else. I had this idea once while awake and luckily it just came to my mind: I get very close to the mirror and gently start blowing air at it. For some seconds nothing happens but as I increase blowing-power, the mirror's surface starts getting rippled - just like water or very liquid mercury!

I feel joy as my trick really worked out that easy and I give it a last strong blow to form bigger waves. Then I take a step back and look at this wobbling surface or reflections. I'm not sure but it seems as if behind the distorted image of the bathroom and myself, a different landscape keeps shining through here and there. So I decide to finally do it. I take another step back and then dive with all my power into the liquid mirror..."

~ Tea via the forums



My First Exhilarating Lucid Dream

I was 14 years old. I'd just read about lucid dreams in a magazine article.

And I wanted one. I wanted one BAD.

I immersed myself in the techniques I'd read about. But something wasn't clicking. How the heck was this supposed to work?

Then one night after hours of practice, I had my light bulb moment. Through an intuitive form of night-time meditation, I found a way to DEMAND lucid dreams of my sleeping mind.

It was the beginning of the new mindset...

I started honing my skills with the expert-led techniques which I still use and teach to this day.

And it wasn't long before I had my first spontaneous lucid dream...


"I'm standing in an empty white room. It's completely bare like a new house. The lack of detail makes me wonder... What is this place? Suddenly I realize, this is a dream!

Bright Room

The room surges into focus. I become fully conscious of my body and my surroundings. I do my reality check and feel my fingers push right through the palm of my hand.

I am so excited, I run out the door looking for someone to tell. I find a woman who I don't recognize and shout in her face. "I'M DREAMING! I'M DREAMING!"

I'm so excited, I accidentally wake myself up."


That was 17 years ago - and I've had countless lucid dreams since, some of them lasting up to an hour in real time...


"As I fall asleep, lying on my back and totally relaxed, I imagine a white sandy beach in my mind's eye. I place my point-of-view right inside the scene and manifest lots of detail. I become completely mesmerized. After a few minutes, I lose all awareness of my physical body lying in bed and I "pop" into the dreamscape. I'm lucid.


I'm standing on the beach, now a vivid 3D landscape, my toes sinking into the soft, white sand. It feels like real life, only better - because in this perfect, fluid reality, I am free. As I look out across the sparkling ocean, I have an urge to take a big leap towards the sea and soar over the surface.

I pick up speed as I fly over the ocean. The water is deep blue and shimmering in the sunlight. I dip my hands in and relish the feeling of the cool water running between my fingers. As I soar further, the dream forms automatically beyond my awareness and I spy a coastline in the distance.

Then I hear beautiful music coming from my dreaming mind; a man singing to an acoustic guitar, backed by many layers of strings. I don't think I have heard this song before, but I try to remember it: the music captures the beauty of the dream perfectly. I am in paradise."


The Fastest Way to Learn How to Control Your Dreams

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Start learning to lucid dream tonight: download the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track exclusively on this website.

  • Remember your dreams in vivid detail
  • Have lucid dreams on a regular basis
  • Change the scenery and summon dream characters
  • Initiate any fantasy imaginable, from sex to skydiving
  • Overcome nightmares, fears and recurring dreams
  • Tap into your creative genius through lucid focus


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Here Are Some of My Favorite Applications for Lucid Dreams

  • High FlyerHigh Flyer

    Get to know the exhilarating freedom of soaring over a perfect glittering blue ocean, flying among the city skyscrapers at night, swooping through lush rainforests, and zooming into hyperspace.

  • Power CreatorPower Creator

    Feel the omnipotence of creating entire new worlds and civilizations across your universe. Simulate the past and future lifespan of the human race or spawn a new planet with bizarre and intelligent alien life forms.

  • Hero Meet-UpsHero Meet-Ups

    Probe the minds of fellow dream characters, meet up with deceased loved ones, solve problems with great scientists, discuss the meaning of life with philosophers, and pursue erotic adventures.

  • Escape ArtistEscape Artist

    Practice gravity-defying Parkour, teleport around the world, shapeshift into a tiger, become invisible, run through walls, swim underwater without oxygen, and travel to other dimensions.


"In my daily life I happen to be a proficient skateboarder. When I was younger I was having trouble learning a trick called a 'backside smith grind' because I was scared. One night while lucid dreaming I decided it would be a good time to learn some tricks as I know I couldn't get hurt. The next day my fear was gone."

~ MDINC via the forums


"Suddenly he (my teacher who passed away) was standing in front of me. We said 'hi' and had a little talk, as I looked at his face I suddenly realised, OMG... this can't be true! 'I'm dreaming,' I said 'but you are dead?' and I start crying... He layed his arm over my shoulder and we walked for a while. 'I'm alright,' he said, 'everything is fine now.' He looked good, he looked younger and happy..."

~ Laurawsome via the forums


How Lucid Dreams Have Shaped Our Modern World

Famous authors, actors, directors, musicians and scientists also have these extraordinary dreams of conscious creation...

Known lucid dreamers include Chris Nolan, James Cameron, Stephen King, Richard Linklater, Aphex Twin, the Wachowskis and the late physicist Richard Feynman.

It is also believed that Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla had complex lucid dream lives thanks to their expanded visual imaginations.

You can enjoy the incredible benefits of lucid dreaming just like them.


Famous Lucid Dreamers


This Could Become Your Reality

My definitive course, The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track, pinpoints EXACTLY what you need to do, in order to start preparing your mind for lucid dreams tonight.

The heart of this system is about programming that part of your mind that subconsciously creates your dreams.

Have you ever noticed how certain waking life events - like driving to work, writing a text message, or eating out with friends - can filter into your dreams?

And how more emotionally intense events - like watching horror movies, or experiencing a trauma - are more likely to generate vivid nightmares?

In fact, every day, you are already pre-programming your dreams. You just don't know you're doing it.

Can you see how we might exploit this natural subconscious filtering process to create moments of clarity inside your dream world?

This exciting training program teaches you entrain this mindset -- to trigger that crucial self-realization of...

"Wait a minute... I must be dreaming!"


"I jumped into the air and started doing swimming motions, as if I was in water and surprisingly, I went up and got higher and higher in the air. I landed by my brother, and asked him if he wanted to come flying with me and I took him by the hand and we started flying."

~ Lawilahd via the forums


"I decided to summon Johnny Depp (this is written in my lucid dream plan). I didn't mind the door and just passed through it. Now when I was outside of the house, I screamed 'Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp' and later 4 Johnny Depps began emerging from different directions. They all were dressed differently. I called 'Johnny Depp' and the George Jung one (from the movie Blow) came near me. The other 3 vanished. He was smiling in front of me and it was so real..."

~ Ilovetech29 via the forums


Put simply: this is the most natural and intuitive way of becoming lucid in your dreams, that anyone can adjust to - regardless of age or experience.

Even people who claim they never dream can put these techniques into practice... to remember all those dreams that slip away too soon... and turn them into highly memorable lucid dreams.


Revealed: The Hidden Ace of Lucid Dreaming

The Lucid Dreaming Fast TrackThrough this multimedia course, I have mapped out the keys to lucidity, to help the average dreamer experience the marvel of conscious dreaming.

The concepts are easy to grasp, and I truly believe anyone can do it. If you understand this page, you'll understand everything in my course.

Once you're primed with the lucid mindset, you'll begin to breathe color into your dream life from day one, rapidly expanding your knowledge of how conscious dreams work and how to stage them on demand.

A fully digital course in PDF and MP3 format, The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track is instantly downloadable in three parts...



Part One: The Art of Lucid Dreaming

Part One: The Art of Lucid Dreaming In this comprehensive 111-page ebook you'll learn my proven strategy for having lucid dreams.

It's a goldmine of information for beginners including background philosophy, step-by-step tutorials, troubleshooting, first-hand insights and more.

Beautifully illustrated, it features dream-inspired fantasy art by Jeremiah Morelli, and contains a bonus interview with the leading lucid dream researcher, Robert Waggoner.

This is my magnum opus, my definitive guide to lucid dreaming. I poured my heart and mind into this ebook.

Through the step-by-step instructions in this book, you will discover:

  • How to DRAMATICALLY BOOST YOUR DREAM RECALL - enabling you to recall up to four or five dreams per night (page 40).

  • How to HAVE YOUR FIRST LUCID DREAM - using the same basic mind and body priming techniques I used as a teenager (pages 40-61).

  • How to VISUALIZE YOUR WAY TO A LUCID DREAM - by entering your own imagined world on any night you choose (page 51).

  • What DREAM HERBS AND SUPPLEMENTS INTENSIFY DREAMING - the lazy man's way to a night of vivid and exciting dreams (page 65).

  • How to PROLONG YOUR LUCID DREAMS - using in-dream tactics which can potentially extend your lucid dreams up to an hour or more (page 74).

  • How to CONTROL YOUR DREAMS WITH CLARITY - by channeling the expectation principle to shape your lucid dream adventures (pages 77-86).

  • How to PROGRAM YOUR DREAMS IN ADVANCE - by systematically visualizing your desired dreamscape or dream plot (page 48).

  • How to CREATE DREAM CHARACTERS AND HAVE LUCID DREAM SEX - by seeking out dream figures and offering shared intimacy (page 87).

  • How to STOP NIGHTMARES AND TURN THEM INTO LUCID DREAMS - by turning the nightmare in on itself (page 93).

  • How to INTERACT WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - by talking to the weird and wonderful separate awareness behind the dream (page 99).



Part Two: The Guided Meditation Handbook

Part Two: The Guided Meditation HandbookThis part of the course further advances the mindset of a prolific lucid dreamer. You will be introduced to simple joys of meditation as an effective route to lucidity.

It details my personal favorite visualization techniques, which will give you many alternate routes to inducing lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences as often as you want.

You'll learn how to create intricate dreamscapes and scenarios in your mind's eye, how to hypnotize yourself and place autosuggestions in your subconscious mind.

Deep, quality meditation is a pure joy to experience, unlocking the door to altered states of consciousness.

Through the step-by-step instructions in this book, you will learn:


  • How to VISUALIZE EFFECTIVELY - and create intricate dreamscapes from scratch while you're still awake in bed, before emerging into a lucid dream.

  • How to do effective GUIDED MEDITATION - whenever you want to relieve stress and take a journey inward to manifest your next dream.

  • How to HYPNOTIZE YOURSELF - and place autosuggestions which prime your sleeping mind to have more lucid dreams.

  • How to achieve CONSCIOUS DREAM ENTRY - using your natural hypnagogia (the swirling patterns that emerge on the sleep-wake border).



Part Three: Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis

Self hypnosis creates a similar mental response to light meditation, in which we can plant seeds of lucidity.

Listening to a self hypnosis recording for lucid dreaming helped produced my very first moments of dream awareness as a teenager.

So I scripted these hypnosis audios with very specific self-awareness targets in mind, knowing just what works.

They also feature ambient backing tracks by the lucid dreamer and digital musician, Pete Casale.

The result is a unique guided hypnosis recording which you can listen to day or night, any time you're ready to relax.

First you'll be led you into a hypnotic trance state. Once under, you'll be guided into a place of peace and serenity, engaging all your senses. This is your gateway to the lucid dream world.

Besides teaching you how to induce altered states of consciousness on your own, the audios instill an opening mindset for wake-induced lucidity with key autosuggestions.

Simply select the Day or Night version depending on your preferred schedule to...

  • Help you RELAX when you get into bed - by systematically relieving your body of tension and quickly silencing your inner monologue.

  • HYPNOTIZE YOU into a half-sleep state - from which you can entrain the ultimate mindset to receive lucid dreaming autosuggestions.

  • Take you on a GUIDED MEDITATION - by molding your hypnagogia into blissful visualizations, teaching you how to lead your mind directly into a lucid dream.

  • Help you PROGRAM YOUR DREAMS in advance - by incubating vivid content and lucidity cues to produce more lucid dreams spontaneously.


"I dream that I am a crocodile rushing with other crocodiles to a small muddy pond (it's almost a race). Then all of a sudden I am in crystal clear water, not aware if I am still a crocodile, I swim upwards from a clear depth and meet a fisherman near the surface..."

~ Louis5 via the forums


"Two nights ago I started to float upwards in a dream after which I realized I was dreaming. I examined my hands closely to confirm this. My vision became crystal clear as I looked at my hands! I could even see an old scar at the base of one of my fingers. After a while I seemed to be floating around in a chair and eventually I passed by an old tree. The tree was quite vivid. It had a lot of character and it reminded me of Treebeard in The Lord of the Rings."

~ Jkemeny via the forums


"I dreamed I was alone in bed. Then, this person crawled into bed with me... At one point, she put her leg over my body. I reached down to rub my hand up and down her smooth / slightly stubbled thigh. She smiled at me. I just looked at her with a puzzled look on my face. I asked myself if I was dreaming and a voice in my head said: 'How could you feel her leg if this is a dream?' I've never had a dream where I could feel and remember texture. I began to touch her breasts. I could feel her nipples getting hard. None of this made sense but it was like I was in an intersecting universe.

As I reached towards her panties, all sense of texture disappeared. It was like Christopher Reeves in Somewhere in Time. My dream image started to fall apart like a jigsaw puzzle. I woke up in shock and said 'Oh my god.' I was breathing really hard..."

~ Heinrich via the forums



The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Triple Guarantee


  • Awesome QualityAWESOME QUALITY

    This digital course is expertly written and designed to give you the smartest, most streamlined and rewarding learning experience possible.

    The hypnosis audios are digitally mastered, narrated by voice artist, Gale Van Cott, and set to ambient meditation music by Pete Casale.

  • Awesome ResultsAWESOME RESULTS

    Every one of these lucid dreaming techniques have been tried and tested by not just myself, but scores of lucid dreamers worldwide.

    These are the most powerful induction techniques that will produce your first lucid dreams - even if you're starting with zero experience.

  • Awesome ImpactAWESOME IMPACT

    The versatile applications of lucid dreaming mean you will get more out of life - without the effort, cost or struggle that most people suffer.

    Tapping into lucidity can lead to waves of improvements in every area of your life, from your career, to relationships, to personal fulfilment.


Lucid Dreams - or Sleep Through The Fog?

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The Lucid Dreaming Fast TrackThe only question is: do you want to give yourself this incredible freedom today?

  • Access to the powerful, field-tested lucid dreaming techniques that produced my first conscious dreams at 14 years old

  • Two 'Day' and 'Night' hypnosis sessions to subconsciously incubate the lucid dreaming mindset

  • Clear guided meditation tutorials that will create deep relaxation and advance your lucidity quest

  • Free course upgrades for life every time I add new content and expansion packs

  • My unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee so you can test-run the entire program in total confidence


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Risk FreeI'm offering all new students two whole months to test-drive my Lucid Dreaming Fast Track system and see how many lucid dreams they can notch up.

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Free UpdatesStart your lucidity training today and I'll guarantee you access to FREE upgrades for life, providing you with future expansion packs to enhance your lucid dream life.

Last year I sent out expanded hypnosis sessions. I am now developing a fully revised, online and interactive version of the course compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

Unlike any other lucid dreaming course out there, this is not a one-off resource. I am committed to providing ongoing lucidity training to past, present and future students. Completely free of charge. So the price you pay today guarantees you lifetime access to every lucidity aid I ever publish here.

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Lucid Dreams - or Sleep Through The Fog?

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Remember, lucid dreaming is a life-changing skill which gives you the freedom to vividly control your dreams at will... consciously explore the limitless lucid dreamscape... have amazing sexual adventures... fly and teleport through the universe... access your inner creativity... resolve psychological fears and phobias... and enhance your waking life in so many ways that will be profound and personal to you.

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