Lucidology Review

Lucidology is a website created by Nick Newport dedicated to teaching the art of lucid dreaming in video form.

Nick is a different kind lucid dreamer to myself. While I mostly rely on in-dream cues to recognize when I'm dreaming, Nick is an expert at inducing lucid dreams from a waking state. That means he goes from being wide awake directly into a lucid dream or out of body experience with no lapse in consciousness.

My Lucidology Review

At Lucidology, Nick has combined his extensive experience of WILDs and OBE techniques with his scientific teaching method to create video tutorials for beginners. He offers a great deal of first-hand insight into the sleep paralysis state and how to create out of body experiences at will, which I haven't seen anywhere else.

This article is my Lucidology review - covering his original 70-minute video tutorial, How to Have Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences. You can now access this fascinating lesson by subscribing to his website for free.

The Lucidology Tutorials

Through a series of fast-paced videos, Nick delivers a wealth of scientifically-based advice to help anyone to have lucid dreams at will. He also incorporates methods which enable you to mentally "teleport" out of body in step-by-step style.

I use quotes with "teleport" because I don't believe this is a literal teleportation out of body as some people associate with this experience. Instead, I tend to believe it is a significant shift in awareness from the physical body into the internal dream world. But whatever your beliefs, it's certainly an exciting concept to explore.

Because they are so direct and no-nonsense, the Lucidology videos are well-known among lucid dreamers for their modernized mind/body techniques.

Having originally learned everything about lucid dreaming from books, Nick's videos opened my eyes to new possibilities for lucid dream induction. I learned some superb new visualization techniques to shift my awareness out of my physical body and achieve one of the most vivid kinds of lucid dreams possible: Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.

Nick's Background

After suffering from insomnia and awful nightmares every night, Nick Newport began studying the world of sleep and dreams. It wasn't long before he discovered lucid dreaming but unfortunately the traditional methods given in books didn't work for him. Instead, he spent the next four years developing his own style of inducing lucid dreams and OBEs on demand.

These specific "body tricks" that Nick discovered have never been discussed in any other lucid dreaming books before. He has developed a special system of inducing lucid dreams, simply by tricking the body into falling asleep and listening to the subtle signals it gives off. It creates a surprisingly odd but surprisingly simple process.

Three Essential Techniques

In the course, How to Have Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences, you'll learn three essential techniques for Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming:

  • How to use the hypnagogic state to fall asleep consciously
  • How to enter sleep paralysis with Mind Awake / Body Asleep
  • How to perform the OBE teleporting exit with visualizations

These methods are explained in detail in two separate videos:


Part I: Mind Awake / Body Asleep

The first part of the video explains how to use your body's biology to put yourself in a unconscious focus without using any mental visualizations. This shortens the learning curve immensely. In fact, many viewers wrote to Nick saying they had their first lucid dream after using this technique.

Not having played much with sleep paralysis before, I decided to go ahead and try this technique the next morning after watching the video. I had no idea how easy it would be; to my surprise, I was able to induce partial sleep paralysis within a few minutes. Knowing I had induced it myself and was in full control, it wasn't scary. Then I used Nick's twitching technique to bring on a full paralysis.

Inducing this state of sleep paralysis is what relaxes the body and frees the conscious mind into a lucid dream or OBE. From there, it is a small step into the world of lucid dreaming...

Shortly after watching this video I was able to have some stunning Wake Induced Lucid Dreams. It doesn't work for me every time, but I think this is a matter of practice and just choosing the right time for your body to be immersed. Considering my relative inexperience with WILDs, my results so far have been a success.

Update, Jan 2011: I have been using these techniques for a couple of years now and I enjoy multiple WILDs each month. This is truly exciting because it's not only a fun and empowering way to begin a lucid dream, it also creates the most intense and vivid conscious dreams possible.


Part II: The OBE Teleporting Exit

In the second part of the Lucidology videos, I reviewed a technique called The OBE Teleporting Exit. This combines visualizations with other sensory illusions to have an out of body experience (or for some, a lucid dream which begins in your sleeping body).

The video describes how to shift your awareness into an imaginary copy of yourself in the next room. I had a lot of fun doing this. By engaging several different senses at the same time, I was able to place myself in my own back garden and experience the environment as if I was really out there.

With practice, this mental teleportation leads to crossover point - which launches a very realistic and intense journey outside the sleeping body. Although this method does require some full-on visualizations, I find this is good practice for lucid dreaming and can lead to some rich dream experiences as I fall asleep at night.

How to Get Started

LucidologyNick's website is a unique resource for absolute beginners and pros alike. It comes from an original perspective, using the body's own language to initiate lucid dreams and OBEs often.

Nick teaches us new ways to alter our unconscious focus, creating states of profound meditation and ripening the mind for vivid lucid dream experiences.

You can now watch both of the video tutorials reviewed here for free by subscribing to Lucidology.