• Andrew Blume

  • Got my new Dream pills. Last night I dreamed of multiple reflection technique for positive and negative labyrinth. Also, DNA pealing and how to remain awake and not be afraid during the fall. Last person to fall in must collect last Emma nations. Including mystery person emanation everyone forgot about. Brian has a lot of tricks up his sleeve,…Read More
  • Two days ago I had a dream too, but did not write. It was about a while animal that I could not identify like white little bear, white badger, white somthing. It loved to let me touch it and was friendly to me, to shock of others in which thought it was going be more like a vicious badger or something.
  • I had a dream about winning a swim race that was 6.5. Most likely 6.5 km or 6500 meters. This is unusual as I do not do races, although I like to swim for fun. There is one race in Istanbul that is that long and attracts top swimmers. Also 6.5 mile races. I found out marathon swim is considered at least 10 km, so not sure it was that one.…Read More
  • I had dream about a little black cat that joined me in my dreams. The badge on his neck said his name was Capn, like Capn Crunch or Capn America. Similar to black cat I saw at Shambhalla monastery. There is a black cat with glasses in the latest Tales from Arcadia, maybe that influenced me? But this was a normal skinny cat, looks like it…Read More
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