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Spiritual is the core of who I am. I entered this life with a mission, an awareness, a viewpoint that was different than many I met. I saw, knew and experienced my self as “Soul”; a viewpoint beyond what we know as physical, emotional, and mental.Divinely guided through a prophetic Dream to join the Army in my mid 30’s (three years later that dream manifested during my deployment in Bosnia). This only strengthened my already unwavering path to serve those Seeking solutions.  I am on a journey embracing daily experiences, and perspectives that have served myself and many that I have met. It is time for me to share my tests, challenges, and guidance from my childhood to the Now. This is a major step for me to take; as I leap forward on my commitment I made “before the beginning”. Serving those seeking solutions on a global level! Whether you call it God, Universal Divine, Supreme Being, Higher Power, Higher Self. We may not see, hear, feel, or know it is with us. The Divine Presence is “EVERYWHERE” it is up to us to be Receptive and open! May you accept and receive the Gifts that are presented to us everyday, every moment. With Gratitude and Blessings, Andrew

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