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by 24/7/365
11 Mar 2018 15:33
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Sean Jacobs LD's
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Re: Sean Jacobs LD's

Lucid dreaming is just the beginning of knowledge, fun and games. but, thanks for posting your psychological episodes
by 24/7/365
11 Mar 2018 15:25
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: See The Sky Technique
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Re: See The Sky Technique

"It is amazing how often we don't pay attention to something that we see all the time"

"we" you must a mouse in your pocket

I can comprehend your attempt to grow up; If it don't start with I, wonder why
by 24/7/365
11 Mar 2018 15:20
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Am I Lucid Dreaming?
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Re: Am I Lucid Dreaming?

it's a process
by 24/7/365
11 Mar 2018 15:18
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello ! Are you real ?
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Re: Hello ! Are you real ?

wonderful, can't wait to hear of your cognitive exploits

by 24/7/365
11 Mar 2018 15:05
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: The Shocking Truth
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Re: The Shocking Truth

I won't dignify non-sense with higher thought. It would seem to me that there are bigger fish to fry. But i can appreciate your role as the forums local news reporter.

Is there a shocking truth behind this story? :mrgreen: (priceless)
by 24/7/365
11 Mar 2018 14:56
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Existential Rant Place
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Re: Existential Rant Place

yes, it appears that the universe is self inductive and that life is of the same state.

by the way, I recently resolved the mechanism for gravity...that's probably not so profound for some learned observers; but, for me that's quite an accomplishment.
by 24/7/365
21 Jan 2018 17:01
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Lucid dream inside of a dream?
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Re: Lucid dream inside of a dream?

not to sound short; but, one has to wake up at some point, unfortunately
by 24/7/365
14 Jan 2018 17:25
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: know on a ledge
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know on a ledge

Vivian, Will, Bill, Jack and Johnny lived in a house. They did what they did because that's what they do. One day they woke up to find a mirror and as each peered in they realized how confused they were. The more they tried, the more tired they became. One day they heard a voice. They wait for they ...
by 24/7/365
13 Jan 2018 17:56
Forum: Dream Science
Topic: I ate break in newnew bull in a tin
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I ate break in newnew bull in a tin

Sc i en ce has unveiled revolutions that dreams are an interaction with unknown cosmic for ce. Covery have led sc i en ce 2 include that life is connecting life, with life, for life, as life, in life. 4 add it shone all in 4 ma shone See i in sea says it i's what is is seman dna s'sserdda allin, sho...
by 24/7/365
13 Jan 2018 14:50
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Orgasms?
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Re: Orgasms?

I have organs that march to the beat of a different drum and he likes the rhythmic sound waves of your name.

guruer to your guru

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