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by Rickjr22001
24 Apr 2017 05:23
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Occult Dream Theory
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Re: Occult Dream Theory

I believe there is something more out there. There is a reason why it's called lucid dreaming, and there is a reason why there is so little information about it. Yes, lots of information about how- to. Which I feel it comes natural. It's chosen. A gift. A muscle we individually work on our own journ...
by Rickjr22001
24 Apr 2017 05:16
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: My last lucid dream
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My last lucid dream

Hey my name is Ricardo. And I'm 26 now. My last lucid dream was around when I was 19. Since I was young, I was able to lucid dream. I spent many years exploring, hindering the normal dream. I became cocky quickly. There was this one dream character that looked like Voldemort from "Harry Potter&...
by Rickjr22001
24 Apr 2017 04:57
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Big lucid dreamer...with big questions
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Big lucid dreamer...with big questions

Hello, my name is Ricardo, born and raised in Berkeley, CA, USA. As a kid my father told me that you were able to fly in your dreams. He told me to tell myself before I went to sleep in the mirror, that I will fly. I give it all to my father for giving me the basics into lucid dreaming. One day I ca...

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