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by Oneiropagida
22 May 2017 18:33
Forum: Dream Characters
Topic: I asked my DC if I'm dreaming
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Re: I asked my DC if I'm dreaming

*sigh* Mine don't do anything...They just look at me when I say "you know we are in a dream?" and keep doing what they were doing like I never said anything. :cry:
by Oneiropagida
17 May 2017 18:05
Forum: Dream Science
Topic: Can the people in my dreams think?
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Re: Can the people in my dreams think?

I don't believe they have a mind of their own. Our brain is THAT powerful and able to make these convincing characters. It is totally related to how you see the world and what you've experienced. If someone was living in a cave his whole life and never talked to other people, he would definitely see...
by Oneiropagida
17 May 2017 17:17
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: My dream meanings.
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Re: My dream meanings.

I think it's great that you realize that. I hope you will listen to these facts now and accept your feelings and eventually be happier.
Today I was thinking of starting a journal too. You helped me make this decision easier :)
by Oneiropagida
17 May 2017 17:10
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Family pattern in normal dreams
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Re: Family pattern in normal dreams

Hey MachFree! Haha, I laughed with your idea with the photos :lol: I am not sure it is going to help, though. Maybe put photos of your family on your screensaver. Other than that, I think you should make clearer to yourself the very fact that you told us: you ONLY see your family twice a year and yo...
by Oneiropagida
16 May 2017 22:37
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: First lucid dream (I think)
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Re: First lucid dream (I think)

:D yes!!! You did have a lucid dream!! My first one was similar, except that I was in my room, but the steps of realization (like the sharper image and the feel of the carpet etc) were the same! Welcome to our world!

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